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Inventive Kite Flying

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How about inventing walking sticks that will
Support climbing a staircase for them who badly
needs it .

How about Inventive efforts to create
Smart Walking Sticks for Blind persons as safe as
Vision like normal persons .

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Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose FRS
Professor in Physics
Presidency College
Calcutta India

India's Jagadish Chandra Bose Is The Reason Why The World Will Enjoy Super Fast 5G Internet

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How about storing flood water through Inventive Steps for need for when required !

Water is Life again water is death occasionally as natural fury like flood .For life as well as for reducing destruction of life and property , creative technical inventive steps are required and being done in the engineering communities but inventive steps never stops in the human endovours .One very important field is Water Harvesting through various large small and domestic means .But one enormous seasonal source of enormous magnitude of wasted water is flood water mainly generated from rains. Question is how to store this abundance of natural resource which is uncontrolled apparently .Flood control is wanted naturally by every one to reduce human misery .One that one way of seeing but well known
cannot be done to ultimate satisfaction .So how to go about storing this uncontrolled abundance that is to be investigated into .May be , partially , creating artificial topography to direct the such flow to fill empty acquafer ( natural voids inside the earth with or without water ) or abandoned mining pits or creating economic ponds of very large volumes or many such thoughtful possibilities location specific. Etc etc .Main idea is how to store flood water to an advantage say through some porosity on the surface of mother earth. It will provide not only huge water in need and also shall generate huge amount of favourable sedimentation for agricultural benefit .Obviously for such projects lot of actual model studies are required in the river research engineering and technology .

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