gracie walk into battle school she is new so she takes her time looking Around at everything

(Open RP) 

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Name: Gracie Willson
Nicknames: the graceanator
Age: 17
Gender: female

Personality: friendly, kind, quiet, shy, sweat, caring, lovable, outgoing, hard worker

Weapons: Hanns to hand combat, gold now and Arrows, gold throwing knifes

Bio: her parents left her at a young age. Her mom died in battle and her dad just packed up and left one day. She has been on her own since. She has been invited to Battle school and she accepted. Now here she is.

Appearance: in picture below


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"When you are an abomination such as I, everyone will show nothing towards you but their cruel hatred and difference."

Name: Red Rogue

Species: Genetically Modified Formic Soldier

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Bio: After many failed human attempts to fully understand the formic,  a new creature was birthed. Red was a Formic Soldier that was performed experiments on by human scientists in attempt to create an "Ultimate" fighter. His brain is a fusion of both formic and human, and thus he thinks differently than a formic, but not exactly the same as a human either. He was given red pigmentation to be easily recognized by other marines, and he was given vocal cords to speak. His intelligence is equivalent to that of a human male adolescent. When he was raised by humans, he was being taught how to fight and act properly, even though his curiosity and still developing mind would get him into trouble occasionally. When formic queens attempted to communicate with him in every method possible, something inside of him told him that he was living his life all wrong, and that he needed to escape. In a fit of rage due to a sudden realization caused by a queen through his dreams, he killed all the scientists that had been teaching him. However, escape didn't help. Upon being free, he still felt he had done something wrong, and his mind told him to be free of all influences. In the end, Red did not follow either the formic or the humans, and he lived alone. There have been multiple sightings of him, and since then he has been seen as an outlaw by human forces, while the other formics are trying to bring him back to their queens, in order to teach him their ways. Rex does not like the idea of being controlled by a higher force, and so has hid from other formics, people, or otherwise, and survived by making a shelter out of the things that he has stolen from other humans/formics. He has still been haunted by the radio transmissions sent by humans and the influence of the formic queens to this day...
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