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Our Poetry Archive V-2 No.-7: OCTOBER 2016: THE EUROPEAN SPECIAL NUMBER Is Now On-Line!

This month we are presenting more than 100 poems of 48 poets from Europe.

This month we are happy to introduce poet Chryssa Velissariou as the “Poet of the Month”. Poetess Stacia Reynolds and Poetess Deborah Brooks have supervised the entire interview procedure for OPA. Hope our readers will appreciate this new dimension of our web journal. You can easily find the top 10 most viewed poems of every week in the site. The more the website is being shared the more viewership will be ensured! So we would like to request you all, please keep on sharing your own poems so that more readers around the world can have a glimpse of your poetic skill and flavor!

Our Poetry Archive’s next Continental Special Edition will focus on North America. This Special Edition is scheduled for December 2016. Our Poetry Archive is extending an open invitation to all North American poets and poetess. Please send at least three poems, a profile picture, along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication in OPA before November 10, 2016. Our email address is

We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to you all for your constant support and excellent contributions to make OPA a running success!

Thank you all.
The Editorial Desk.

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「Good LACK」
This poetry is my own question when I'm about to fall apart mentally and can't stand up. It's missing LACK.

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There is one way. There is also energy to head that way. However, I was a tone-minded person who could not read the map. However, it was good for the ability to detect places from the surrounding landscape.
There was not enough power to see the landscape, but a partner with the ability to read and understand the map appeared. By doing so, a design drawing is arrived at the correct place.

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Poetry expressing my honesty.

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Hi People, below is a poem dedicated to all those in tears at the moment, never worry there's always a better tomorrow. Enjoy.

Don't hold me back
Time for me to flow
Through the hollow parts of your eyes
And clean your sight for a clearer vision
To see a better tomorrow

You are so hurt and hot
Your heart is aching
Your vision is blocked
Your mission is defeated
Your dream is fading
Your body is weak
Your spirit is down
Your soul is wandering in the wilderness
Not worthy a life again

Here comes me
Your inner water-fall
I roll down your cheeks
Down to the mother-earth
Waste away
For you to see a way
To ease your pain
To cool your nerves
And make your brain settle
To turn your despair to hope
To bring back your confidence and self-esteem
To give you a new life

I'm your comforter
Your eye-opener
So, kindly allow me
To have a free flow
Never worry
Next time, i will come - tears of joy

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