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Is anyone even here?

Who wants to roleplay with me?

Hey anybody wanna start a roleplay with me about Sleeping With Sirens? Just comment below.

Anybody want to start a rp?

Alright,my life went from awesome to worse,among other things. I lost my friends,someone stole from us,one of my friends lost the money gambling,and now I'm lost.
But before you ask,let's just get back to the beginning...3 weeks earlier in fact.
(Alarm rings)
Tj:It's today...
(Gets up grabs passport and housephone)
Tj:Come on,pick up...


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  If you were wondering what this is for, its for poeple of they want, to pick a charcater and help me creata one for my book I'm wirint, cuz I severly need help with the chracters!!!!

      For this one, sice I have a lot I'm just going to put a list down, and if you are interetesed please rply!

      Drakelings/ Draicons
     Will O' wisps
     Half breed
     Forgotten Fae ( Bad guys)
     Shadowleader ( Is a main chracter. The other one is already covered)
     Monsters ( Manticore, or the Lochness for example.)
     The Gorgon Sisters ( The three furies) ( Medusa and her sisters)
     Hybrid Dragons ( Hydra for example)
     Of course there are more, but these are the only ones i can remeber. Please reply!

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    Elves. There are 4 types
         Wood Elves are protectors of the Forests. They do archery and not that much Magic. They look tall like any other elf and their ears are pointed.
           Night Elves are the users of Shadow Magic. They are not nesscarily bad, but they are not trusted.  Their weapns use staffs,axes, maces, and stuff like that are usaully thier weapon of choice. They also use  knives if they work as assasions. Their skin is dark, but they are also rather tall and have pointed ears.
          Eberion Elves are users of the ancinet language of the elves.  They use the style of the swords, staves, chains, chytes and also archery. They look like royalty. ( And tend to act like it too)

       Druid Elves are worshippers of one god/goddess.  They are pretty much preist elves. They use the holy magic of their god/goddess, and they can only worship one. (At all times, ther must be one druid elf under the name of every god and goddess) ( The god and goddessess are norse, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Elven ,and Celtic.)  Their weapon of chice is usally whatever weapon their patron chooses. If their patron does not have a weapn, they usuallu have a staff.
  Continued in next post!

Okay guys, here's how you can help!
  I need help for my new book. I need characters. And i base them off real people. Yup. And in my book, there are like a how bunch of different races. And it's your choice if you are evil or good. LOL.
      ( The lol part was just random. Ignore it!)
     Here are the Races:
           Different Types of Faery:
          Pixies- Obnoxious little things, they look like dwarves made even smaller and fitted with wings. ( Bugsized.)
         Fairy - They are the regular ones we know. About dragonfly size. They are a bit biger than the stupid pixies.
           Faery -  The kind of look like Elves expect without the ears and tallness. Their magic is also different. Faery's magic IS nature. (depending on their court of course.
           There are about 5 courts for the faery. ( continued in next post!)
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