I have a question....
Can I make a profile of foxy as a girl and rp as her?

(Open I'll Get Back After School.)
GoldenFreddy Walked Around Bored He Had Ditched Class And Lonely In The Halls. Weak Start Lol

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Name:Phantom Chica

Quote:"Chica is like me"



Sex:Female ♀




Enemiez: none

Bio:doesn't share


Dislikes:Name called


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Who wanna rp with Chica?

Chica was at the gym playing by herself then she saw Foxy come across "Hey Foxy!wazzup?" She asked

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Anyone wanna rp

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"I'm a Fistey girl"

Name : Bonnie
Age : 16
Gender : Female
Rank : Animatronic student
Year : Junior
Crush : Open
Dating : Open
Likes : Singing, drawing, Video games, playing her electric guitar
Dislikes : homework, people pulling pranks on her
Bio : unknown
Extra : Theme song: don't let my down- Chainsmokers


JJ paced by her next class, early but still there her pink eyes bright

I bored anyone wanna rp

*Bon was sitting on a bench her guatir case was next to her*
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