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Who is a success? Who is a failure? Is life a game or a contest? Why does life seem to be a race that engenders competition? Which I have said destroys man's natural creative power. There is a belief that competition is necessary to make one "better". Again, what is wrong with one as he is? Can we see that the very act of competition assigns worth to "winners" and takes worth from "losers"? Thus fueling and breeding self hate which is jealousy and the egotistical self love which is Pride.
Your thoughts on this...

An array of free films, stories, lectures and poetry from wise folk, such as, Joseph Campbell, James Hollis, Martin Prechtel, Marie Louise Von Franz, Marion Woodman, James Hilman, Malidoma Some, Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Sonu Shamdasani, Edward Edinger, John O Donohue, Stephen Jenkinson, Gabor Mate, Alan Watts, Edward Tick, David Whyte, Robert Johnson, Robert Bly, Miguel Rivera, Orland Bishop, Lewis Hyde, Nigel Hamilton, Francis Weller, Jack Sanford, Katie Sanford, Joseph and Jane Wheelwright and more..... The page is regularly updated.

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If anyone is at all interested I will be on This Sunday Sept 6 discussing why our survival as a human race is dependent on our civility.  If there is anything you all would like to say about this now please feel free...

Nowadays man seems to be more driven by his desire than his will. Very little time is put into cultivating the moral character of man. How does a man define himself if not by his character?

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The video "Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know" at is 2.5 hours long but it's totally worth your time to watch the whole entire thing because it exposes how the cops, judges, prosecution attorneys, politicians, and car insurance salesmen have stolen BILLIONS from the common people as well as the secrets that anyone can follow to prevent them from stealing that money. Also check out the scripts related to the video at
This video can help put a stop to tyranny and in turn bring freedom and higher consciousness to all! So please help me in my crusade to spread this info like wildfire on a global scale.

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Stop Important
At the end of your life your never going to say I should have made more money. You will probably say I should have loved more and hated less and repaired relationship that meant the world when they were good. Focus on whats important and there will never be regret.

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Where is the line between a personality type and a personality disorder?
Enneagram Type 6

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Así como existe una vida externa, también existe una vida interna.

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Peace comes in letting go of what we see for what we don't see but Trust in anyway!

With this being understood we can grasp why the bad times come and in some ways welcome the tears and hurt as it is another opportunity for Faith (Trust) to grow! The beauty of this when lived out is that it creates ease over progressively more difficult situations and eventually allows for foundation of The Solid Rock to make your Peace unshakable as you Know Who Is In Control and How Much He Loves You based on past experiences!
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