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Thanks to you awesome people's help, I can finally release this app in production. Again, thank you all for supporting me in the beta period of my app. Now I have to ask for your help once again, to further support my app. A thousand thanks to you awesome community!!!

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I just released another app - Random Reminder

You will be reminded of important life goals or behavioral changes you want to achieve randomly. No specific time can be set for a reminder. Only ranges of available time and days can be set so the app does not remind you at inappropriate times. Great for behavioral changes and achieving life goals that were 2012's new year's resolution. With a variety of customizations including reminder types, reminder background, appearance etc, you get to decide how your reminder would look like when you are prompted by the catchy reminders.


Statistics: Random Reminder also offers statistics for each individual reminder item. You will be able to see yourself progress over a period of time. Useful information like completion rate will be provided to you. Customization options will also be available.

Message: Add a motivational message to yourself when adding a new reminder. The message will be displayed when the reminder is triggered randomly.

Done/Snooze: You can choose to mark the reminder as done or snooze the reminder so you will be reminded again in a specific time.

Options: You can select notification tone, vibration or even LED notification light to make the reminder more obvious so you won't miss a single one of them.

Preview: You can preview a reminder to see how it looks like. No worries though because the font and the background is all random too, so you won't see the same look constantly.

There are a lot other features to be explored. Install the app and expect some achievements and boost in productivity!




Peek Now is officially FREEEE now. Please go check it out if you haven't. 

A new version of Peek Now is live on google play. 
What's New
- added new unlocking method for better performance and stability
- added new custom wallpaper option
- night mode will now automatically turn custom wallpaper to black and white
- fixed calendar widget crashing on some devices
- minor bug fixes

Custom lock screen wallpapers please

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Peek Now officially supports Kelvin scale now :)

A new update has been pushed to the Play store.
What's New
- Fixed album art not showing
- Fixed calendar widget crashing
- Added option to turn off immersive mode
- Added Kelvin scale for temperature
- Other minor bug fixes and stability issues

[UPDATE] You can now shout at Peek Now to activate widgets and unlock the phone! For example you can shout "Calendar widget" and Peek Now will automatically show the calendar widget, same applies to the lock and unlock function and much more!

Implementation of albumart while playing music would be great+Quick reply for WhatsApp
As beta it's already a great app in my opininon keep up the good work 👍

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A new update has been pushed to the play store. Please check it out and let me know what you think, thank! :D
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