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I Remember Her

She lifts her skirt to her knees
And in bare pale feet she walks
On the lush green grass
Her chocolate hair dances about
On her shoulders and around her ears
Until she pulls it back behind them
With tender fingers,
She sits down before the crimson sunset
And waits for me to join her under a thick tree
I stop to observe the rolled up sleeves
On a white blouse with blue waves on it
Contouring her slender figure flawlessly
The setting sun glows on her cheek as she turns
Her caramel eyes meet mine and I am in heaven,
Seated next to her, I kiss her sweet mouth
And I take her feminine veiny hands to my face
The smile she gives me sheds some divine light upon us
Our embrace has me giddy as a drunken fool,
But I do not speak it,
We embrace as a cool breeze sweeps under us
Catching this moment and locking it away
To forever remember.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019

All I Wanted

Jeweled cavern
Strong arm
Steady foot,
Bright eyes
Free mind
Aching heart,
Steel spirit
Tough skin
And a false dream,
Journey for wealth
Thought for wit
Feeling for a lost love,
And longing,
My paths go
And give
Abundant gifts,
But never my desire,
To this day
All I wanted
Was you.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019

The Silvery Stars

Let’s take a journey of love
just you and I -
to the silvery stars above.
Let’s dance while they merrily twinkle,
along the Milky Way
and swing on the tip of the moon.
Let’s take a romantic journey,
where no has been before,
just you and I and the sky above,
the moon and the stars -
shining a silvery path of sparkling light.
Let’s trip the light fantastic,
across the velvet black skies tonight,
it will be to our delight -
that the heavens are so very bright.
Take my hand and let’s go on a romantic,
flight just you and I ,
dancing the night away -
while the sky its magic plays.
So silent and still,
just you and I
and the music of the night,
we’ll hold each other tight
and whisper words of love,
till the light of dawn -
brings a brand new morn.


All Around Me

My heart is no more
Because it has burst
For her in its passion,
Its essence thickens the air
I breathe her in by it,
My hands reach for her
And I almost feel her
Standing before my eyes
All in glowing beauty
Fire surges in my veins
As I ready my lips for her kiss
In this design my heart calls
And she whispers gently
"I love you"
The sound is here and there
This is our secret place
Among angels
The sparkle in her eyes
Is so brilliant it nearly blinds me
This feeling I savor to awake
To love evermore and be alive
We sway in this diamond mist
As I feel you not just before me,
But all around me.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019

Just Another Girl

She's just another girl, they say,
A million more wait out there
Fish always lie in the sea
So they say all their scales glisten alike
The sway of their swim is nothing special one to another,
Why fish if I catch the same creature every time?
Like all she ever said was the same
Words any other dame would say for attention,
For money, for but a scrap of affection,
A conveyor belt full of identical products
Such claims tell of a heart that never loved,
If she was like any other why can't I feel without her?
Why do I fall for her at the very sight?
Over and over again, I love,
Fire sparks over dust and ash to burn once more
Weakening in the legs like a goddess before a disciple
Magnificent rapture in my chest
An experience most beautiful
A feeling most don't ever find,
But they speak as if they know
They have already seen it all
So cast it aside like a rock in a pond
Never knowing where it landed on the murky bottom
Never to be seen again,
What is love if it can be treated in this way?
Should she even have a name if this is all there is?
As the shadows tempt, I cannot turn away,
My heart, a choir bursting with harmonious zeal,
But not a sound from my mouth,
The other voices persist, the world is big
I am better off this way, I should be "moving on"
Your heart need not break so hard
Your tears need not be so heavy,
She's just another girl, they say,
But as desperate as my next breath
As vital as the blood rushing through me
I don't want another girl.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019


What a whirlpool I am in,
Caught off the straight path
Into a winding foggy wood
And then fallen into a glittering
Hypnotizing romantic limbo,
Never short on days of passion,
But always beyond a solemn promise
Doomed to walk the halls of twilight
Ever looming is the shadow of your heart,
One by one the stars and moon drift away
In the dark with not but the glow of dawn,
A sun never to emerge from my horizon
The dizzying straits of a world between worlds
Replete with both fiery embrace and lonely nights
The kiss and the chilly absence
Ever searching for that break of light
To lead me to your soul
Elusive like a flicker of shadow
In the corner of the eye,
Gone in the same moment you turn to look for it,
Seeking the sound of your breath
The beating of your heart,
Braving each circle for a lost star.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019


Who grieves more,
is it you or is it me?
Grievance for the bloodshed,
when we like two tigers,
in anger would attack.
While I like a fool,
would attempt to super glue,
the many mementos,
which meant nothing more to you,
than more shards of crockery –
to stab into my heart.
Photo scattered about,
trying to find the loving faces,
with smiles that witnessed love,
but instead finding your smirking smile,
as mine brightly shone.
When the torrent of tears
and angry words,
left us grieving for the love,
we once had,
there were just final word of goodbye,
to be said.
Days that once were sunny,
now have become dark and stormy.
Hate flashes from eyes,
like thunderbolts in the heavens.
But grieving cannot go on long,
for we must face the truth,
before the end of our love,
I loved only too well –
but you love not at all…

The Road

The hills are high and many
Through them lies truest love
Low in the valley at its end
Love blooms in its garden
The winding path leads to my darling,
The fairest one in all creation
Each step to her is an oath
A promise to stay and be hers
For time and all eternity
Like a clear stream to flow on and on
Through green wood and dry rock
The road leads to her,
Patiently she does wait
As I step forward the swelling
In my heart grows ever more
To enter finally in halls of gold
See a love formed for all time.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019

Secret Love Note

This is a scribbled letter I never sent
A tenderness I left unsaid,
I adore the day I fell for you
I remember all our moments we spent
Every kiss we stole in the night
Every embrace we took while we could,
When I held you like it was the end of days
Every piece of you fitting me
The most profound of passions found
In the eyes of one another,
All the while knowing our love was hopeless,
Why can't I hold you the way I want to?
Why can'y I kiss you in front of the whole world
So every soul knows the words of my heart?
Why must dreams always reach too far to be so?
Can I not shout my love from the rooftops?
I wish it with all my heart
From the day of our last kiss
I have died a little still wishing it,
While the world still pulls us apart
I dream still of the hopeless coming true.

Copyright Zane Austin 2019
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