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Déorhild is in the stables, grooming Steorra. She smiles and hums a little song as she finishes brushing the mare's beautiful mane and begins to braid it. She hears the door open, turns around, and sees you walk in. She gives you a small smile Hello. She says with a nod of her head.

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Éomód and Cenost are charging through a dark forest, both dressed in full battle armor. Other than the pounding of hooves and heavy breathing of both horse and rider, nothing percies the silence except for an occasional bird call. Visibility is limited because of the shadows of the trees and the underbrush. Branches and brush are constantly slapping and poking horse and rider. Éomód suddenly reins Cenost in and executes a sharp left turn, Cenost pivoting on his hind legs, and galloping off in that direction, Éomód guiding him deftly around the trees and the worst of the thorny bushes. At one point, Éomód and Cenost even completed a beautiful reversal at the gallop they were tearing through the forest.
What was the purpose of this crazy charge through the woods with no enemies in sight? Éomód was giving Cenost a test. Could he run through a dark forest without being frightened? Could he be continually beat and battered without slowing or shying away? Cound he follow all Éomód's orders without a second thought? Even in close quarters?
The answer was yes.
Éomód returned to his barns, both horse and rider dragging their feet, tired from their endeavours. Éomód carefully untacked Cenost, rubbing him down with care and placing him in his paddock with plenty of water and hay for the night. He patted Cenost on the neck with a rare smile, so proud of this horse and what he had become. He he lit a lamp and went to clean Cenost's tack.

Déorhild rides Steorra briskly up to Endwyn house the beautiful chestnut mare prancing along, wanting to run, not trot. Déorhild dismounted, and walks to the door, pauses for a second, and knocks. She waits, hoping she has the right house.

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How long does it take horses to age?
Cause I'd like age them, my characters, and then enter them in platoons.

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Ageing Steorra and Cenost! They are both now 4, mostly trained and ready to be in the Rohan army! Here are their Adult pictures!
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Ageing my characters both 4 years (Same as their horses)!
Éomód is 23, and Déorhild is 20, and both are old enough to join the Rohan Army!

Déorhild stands in the corner of a paddock, singing softly as she brushes off her beautiful, delicate chestnut filly. Already Steorra showed the speed to outrun her pasture mates and the agility to work her way out of the most delicate situations. Today Déorhild was working on personal touch: while Steorra was used to her, she wasn't yet used to other people. So today Déorhild had worn some of her mother's clothes, to see what would happen. Steorra was wary at first, but soon realized it was just Déorhild. Then the filly had outsmarted her and made her fall into a puddle with a quick sidestep and shifting of her weight. Her mother wouldn't be happy, the clothes were now covered in mud and horse hair. But now both horse and girl were content, and stood happily in the sun.

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Éomód carefully tied a rope lunge line onto the colt's soft leather halter. Cenost snorted and pulled away a little, but Éomód held securely on and backed up to the center of his training ring. He clicked his tongue, but Cenost stood stubbornly at the cue and didn't move an inch. Éomód sighed and gave his handhold whip a little snap, startling the colt into motion. Cenost was a stubborn horse, but Éomód was certain Cenost would be trained out of it in no time. The colt's bright bay coat winked in the sunlight, the same color as his mighty father's. As Éomód carefully worked, teaching the horse to react to his voice cues, little did he know the he and Cenost would soon be faced with many trials, and they would need to be ready.

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