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Chrysalia (Japanese: サナギの国 Sanagi Nation) is a kingdom located in western Ransei.
It represents the Bug type.
Its adjacent kingdoms are Violight, Pugilis, Illusio, and Terrera. "Bug-types, they look cute... but looks may be deceiving..." -766 Kazuto

The zen garden battlefield of Chrysalia features water tiles, fencing, and Pokémari Balls. Only Water-type Pokémon can stand on water tiles. The fencing is hidden on certain tiles and will trigger when stood on by a Pokémon, resulting in being temporarily restricted inside a one-tile fenced pen. Pokémari Balls can be moved by attacks and will travel in the direction the attack came from until they reach the end of the battlefield; they will deal damage to any Pokémon they hit. An active Pokémari Ball will not activate other Pokémari Balls, and new Pokémari Balls will appear between turns by the count of a sōzu.
Battles fought on Chrysalia's battlefield are set to a maximum of 20 turns, and victory is seized by defeating all enemies. If both armies are still standing when all 20 turns have passed, the army defending Chrysalia wins the battle.
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