We got about 11 inches of snow yesterday. I can't wait to ride through it. It will have to wait till all the shoveling is done. 

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I know I mentioned this in an earlier post but thought it might be nice to have a link for easy access. 

I started a blog on Blogger. The name is.   R Jay's Farm Horsemanship Communication.  I plan to post 3 days a week on topics of communication. We'll see what time allows. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks

Hi!  Great idea to start this community.  You may remember we bought the red & white farm down the street from you next to the Town Hall.  Can't wait to be moved in and get horses back on that property!

Now that we are getting a reasonable snow fall. I am looking forward to getting out and ridding in it. There really isn't anything better than riding in the snow. I love to ride at night in the winter, under a well lit moon. Now that's living.

I thought it would be nice to have a place for horse people to come and share there experiences. Maybe post some up coming events. Or just talk with people who have the same interest.
 I'm looking forward to see this community grow.

Morning feeding is done. Got a nice blanket of snow on the ground. Should make for a great surface to ride on after I groom it. I will be able to get a lot more done with the horses now. I rode Buddy and Shea yesterday. There was still enough snow in the arena to make for good footing. Buddy I schooled to keep him responsive. Shea I had some fun with. We worked with Del Fuego in the arena with us.
After some warmup with Shea. We worked on moving Del around the arena. At first Del wanted to hold his ground and turn and show us his butt. So I got my bull whip. All I needed to do was swing it and he would run. We had a good time moving him out and controlling his direction. It was good to work on stopping and peeling off with Shea. Its common for a horse to want to follow the lead. specially at a run. And a few times Shea tried to. When we were done he was totally listening to me while thinking and working on Del. I need to practice this with the other horses. It helps to develop a busy thinking mind.
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