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How to get A's, scholarship(s) and graduate from your College with highest honors

I just want to share my successful tips here that made me succeed in achieving my dream: earned an excellent Bachelor's Degree (Business Administration).
Studying makes me forget bad things. It makes me feel more confident and excited in life. It makes me become a better person.
It (study) is more than knowledge, skills and wisdom. It makes me feel comfortable, interested and grow-up in life.
To succeed in studying, I did/had the following things:
passion for studying
desired to get Bachelor's degree
desired to get scholarships yearly
hard working
overcame tiredness to focus on work
felt proud and valued (study always makes you become a better person)
will is more important than studying skills. Passion gets you into the road, Will makes you finish it!
never gave up finishing it
I realize whatever your living condition, age, your country, your past scores...are, you'll achieve your dream as long as you have God with you and a person/people you love (who always stays with you). I'm so lucky to have a great Daddy who always supports and helps me make my dreams come true, so true!
Furthermore, thanks to music (beautiful and exciting songs that I usually sang at my place), I passed hundreds of stressful examinations and finished the class with comfort and gladness. It's easy to understand this, isn't it?
Hope you will be the next one, a near-future Valedictorian!

Khuong Dat Long

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