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"In the settlement between Rossi and his US licensee IH, Rossi got the license back together with all E-Cat equipment and materials, while none of the parties will have to pay damages to the other. Getting the license back was his top priority all the time, Rossi explains in this interview."
Rossi now wearing a wig? WTF???

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Brillouin Energy's Hydrogen Hot Tube Illustration from Robert Godes Twitter Profile

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The concept
The Modal is a logistics drone designed to move empty shipping containers by lifting them in the air and carrying them over short distances. It could be used to move containers in ports or position container homes on places that are hard for a truck to reach.

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Toyota Hopes to Light Olympic Flame with Flying Car
by DEAN SIGLER on 05/16/2017

Cartivator, a startup with seemingly boundless energy and endless ideas, hopes to use its Skydrive single-person “flying car” to light the Olympic flame in 2020. The compact vehicle, claimed to be the smallest flying car in the world, is a tricycle which can traverse roads efficiently. When confronted by hazards or traffic jams, it can lower its propeller guards and hop over the inconveniences along the way.

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With the advent of LENR energy… electric flight and the eventual demise of cars and roadways.

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Pondering LENR Energy and the Global Energy Corporation GeNie Reactor
Energetic Evolution

Not so far in the near distant future… The next generation in fact

Will look back at our generation… As the last of the fire era

Secure in their absolute knowledge

That the term energy-shortage… Was a term for un-enlightened minds

- gbgoble 2009

I often ponder mysteries. One that has been on my mind for quite some time is... Where has the Global Energy Corporation GeNie reactor gone? In 2012 GEC had planned to build it on Guam. That failed to proceed because the Governor of Guam was impeached. Then the company seemed to just stall out until this year. A few months ago Global Energy Corp. remodeled their website which now states, "GEC initial focus is the product development and commercialization of Small Modular Generators (SMG's) using Hybrid Fusion technology. GEC is currently negotiating several new SMG construction contracts ranging from 250MWe to 5GWe around the world". The mystery has been replaced by a new mystery. Who are these rather large 'GEC SMG construction contracts' with? Also... Which countries are they to be constructed in 'around the world'?

This article explores the art of pondering this mystery, inviting others to join in.

Ponder pondering...

Transitive verb

to weigh in the mind: appraise <ponder their chances of success>
to think about: reflect on <pondering the events of the day>
Intransitive verb

to think or consider especially quietly, soberly, and deeply
Origin and etymology of ponder

Middle English, from Middle French ponderer, from Latin ponderare to weigh, ponder, from ponder-, pondus weight. First Known Use: 14th century

Global Energy Corporation states that in:


BOT signed to develop and build a 50MWe GEC SMG Power Plant on the island of Saipan

Patent issued for Technology
Actually, this confirms what was reported in two articles by one of Micronesia's leading newspapers, the Marianas Variety, "Virginia Firm Offers Nuclear Energy" and "Guam Eyes Clean Nuclear Power". As reported, the agreement was signed in 2012 on Saipan and it was planned to build the GeNie reactor somewhere on the island of Guam.

The patent is US 8419919 B1 "System and Method for Generating Particles". It was filed in 2007, granted in 2013. This is a cold fusion/LENR energy patent and it's inventors are, Pamela A. Boss, Frank E. Gordon, Stanislaw Szpak, and Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley. Each are well known experts in the field of LENR. The original assignee is Jwk International Corporation, also The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy.

Along the same train of thought, another LENR patent is sure to capture one's attention, WO 2009108331A2 - A Hybrid Fusion Fast Fission Reactor. It is held by the Chief Scientist of GEC, Lawrence Parker Galloway Forsley. He was recently authorized, granted permission, by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency to publish a paper (along with his co-authors), covering 23 years of LENR research at Naval labs, entitled 'Investigation of Nano-Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter'.

This is all grist for the mill, lending weight to why I have been pondering this mystery during the past four years, by now a few of you are as well. It helps to read all the articles and patents, and to explore the sites linked in the references of this article. All in all, less reading than the length of a few long chapters in a book. For everyone who is following the E-Cat story and replications, and the recent Brillouin presentations, this is an interesting diversion, yet perhaps provides an even more intriguing mystery.


Grist for the mill

useful experience, material, or knowledge
Who are the Global Energy Corporation 250MWe to 5GWe SMG Hybrid LENR fusion fission GeNie reactor construction contracts with and where will they be built?

I also like to make predictions from time to time. Now is one of those times…

I predict that one of the GEC 'GeNie' reactor contracts is with Saudi Arabia.

This is a studied prediction, I may be wrong. I'll keep on studying it. A few examples of the articles I've been reading while considering this are to be found following these references.


Global Energy Corporation

"Virginia Firm Offers Nuclear Energy"

"Guam Eyes Clean Nuclear Power"

US 8419919B1 - System and Method for Generating Particles

WO 2009108331A2 - A Hybrid Fusion Fast Fission Reactor

Investigation of Nano-Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter

Prose from - Evolution Through Cold Fusion

Further Reading:

'Saudi Arabia Prepares to Break Oil-wealth Dependency' - Saxo Group

'On Saudi Arabia Trip Obama Seeks to Quell Tensions' - NBC News

'Defense Secretary, Saudi Counterpart Meet on Mutual Security Issues' -DoD media

'Saudi Arabia, Where Even Milk Depends on Oil, Struggles to Remake Its Economy' - The New York Times

'Saudi Arabia Burns Through Cash Subsidies, Economic Crash Possible' - Forbes

'Saudi Arabia Mulls Granting Citizenship to Muslim Scientists' - Samaa

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4th Edition of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge is now open.

Fostering a deep-tech innovation ecosystem
Hello Tomorrow is a global organisation which gathers together a community of the world’s brightest talents to propel collaborations between promising disruptive projects and leading entrepreneurs, executives and investors, to bring breakthrough technology to market.
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