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would anyone like to take over? i do not want to keep this community (and it doesn't seem, anyway). if not, then i will probably try to delete it..? i'm not sure if i can, but i'm sure i can find it if i can..

Anyone wanna rp with me? (Non-sexual) My character description is down there. In hangouts? ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

Full name: Breanna Rooney
Mutant type: Cat, tabby or butterfly
Personality: When you first meet her- Shy, timid, quiet, awkward, nice, bad-tempered. Once you get to know her- funny, loud, weird, wacky, loyal, hot-headed, quick tempered.
Boyfriend: Leo or Donnie
Age: Same as the turtles
Friends: The Turtles, Casey
Best Friend: April
Enemies: Shredder, Irma (before), Shredder's minions
Likes: loyal friends, pranking, jokes, most classes, the beach, band, marching band, singing, dancing, writing, poetry, anything music related
Dislikes: know-it-alls, bullies, making mistakes, being made fun of, looking bad, not making her parents proud.

She acts like a mother to Mikey a lot and she gets Raph and is really close with him.

((open to all))
Donnie pup: ((see prfile)) roaming around that sewers when I bump into you

Donnie pup: jumping from rooftop to rooftop when I run into shredder you....

Donnie pup fighting shredder alongside my bros

Donnie pup: working on a retro mutagen for myself that will turn me back into a mutant turtle but not a regular turtle

((open to all join in when ever))
Donnie pup: ((see profile)) jumping from tree to tree when you

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Name: Donnie Pup (Donatello's 2nd mutation)
Age: 16
Weapon: Earth powers
Looks Dirt brown and a white section on my tail then  green tip, shell (with now) orange cracks (i'll explain in my bio) and wears a purple ninja mask
Bio; was once a normal turtle the muated into a mutant the ouble mutated into "Donnie Pup" then retro mutated back into Donatello then remutated back into Donnie pup while holding retro mutagen and that's why the crack in my shell are orange ((so tired of typing that lol))

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Karia serpent = Awesome
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