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Michelle quit. I can't reach her either.

Hi Greens,
I need your ideas and help. I'm trying to organize a gathering for a very special lady in social media. Claudia Stauber (Cabin Talk on FB and Youtube) has self-published a book titled "WTF Happened" and is on a country wide book tour to meet other Jill Stein progressives. She just left her home in Vermont yesterday, and can be in our area sometime during the last week of September.
She's truly grassroots, and is simply looking for a coffee shop or small space to meet with others of her 'tribe'. I've already contacted Powell's, but their schedule for events has been filled for months.
I'm really hoping this sounds like a fun and worthwhile opportunity to get together in solidarity with one of the urgently needed progressive voices out there. She's covered all the major political events, the DNC and Green Party Convention, and has met Bernie and Jill several times.
Please brainstorm with me and help me welcome Claudia for an afternoon with the Vancouver Greens. Check her out on FB and you'll see how worthwhile and fun this event could be. Thanks for giving this your consideration.
Denise Trasatti

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Activism comes in all shapes and sizes. Here's my letter to the Columbian, in an 'old fashioned' form called a newspaper, calling for open debates.
Check out the phone # and leave your message. :-)

Michelle, I just called the contact for Peace and Justice Fair, and BAD NEWS! they don't accept political parties as exhibitors, so no booth so no table. They dont want the divisiveness such groups might cause,
so....all this to no end. I am glad I called before sending in m check.

Perhaps we can combine your art project idea with a tableing event. I will keep it in mind, if you see any opportunities, pls tell me so we can make it happen! Thanks for working with me on this idea,
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