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New Alliance Quest Teams!

This is something Leenis and I have had in the works for a while now and is one of the reasons that this group page was set up for. We are going to divide the Alliance into teams for wars from here on out. Things will need to be fine tuned, but this is the general guide starting with the war that I just started:

Team 1:
Leenis, Metalneck, tf0, Mechaneck 1 & 2, dn46, Dre G74, Shevy, Busta, & Capwolf

Team 2:
Shesty, Twizted, Celstyle, IamLegend, Bernie, & Ace.

Team 2 will be lead by Shesty and Twizted. Guys, lead as you see fit and I am sure the others will follow. Any problems see myself or Leenis. I am sorry you are short players but I am working hard to get more for us until we can have 3 groups winning all the wars.

If anyone has any questions ask in the chat or PM myself or Leenis.

This is the start of something awesome and will take us to the next level!

Herro TwiztedGod here

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So this has been a hot topic as of late and Leenis came up with the idea to put it to a vote so we can finally get this how everyone wants it. Saving up for the Summoner Advancement award: Save all crystals (except those that could help in an AW or AQ) to open every 2 weeks or open as you go along? The only exception I have to this is if we have a week like this one where the total points needed is low. What say you?
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Save for 2 weeks
Open as you go

Thanks to everyone that joined. As metalneck has said, we believe this will result in a better alliance. It will take a little time to build a good team but I feel certain it will be done. Before this alliance, I jumped around a lot because I couldn't find a solid team. It is metalneck and my goal to make this the last alliance you guys join.

OK, the first thing we are going to do is a contest! What this entails is that starting this Saturday, we are challenging all members to recruit new members that are at least level 45. Recruitment will go on for a week, ending next Friday the 10th. From the next Saturday the 11th until the following Friday the 17th, we will be monitoring the new recruits. Whichever new recruit is deemed the most valuable (contributes, is active, etc) the person that recruited them will get to be a Mod for a week! You can start wars and quest as well as everything else under a Mod's ability!
This contest will run one week after another for an entire month. At the end of the month, the member who was considered to be the best Mod during their week will be awarded a Stony Mastery Core by Leenis!

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Rules for the Alliance:

1) Attendance. If you will be missing for more than 5 days, you must let the Admin or Mods know in advance. If you do not log in after 5 days, you will be kicked from the Alliance as it will be assumed you are AWOL.

2) AQ & AW
A) All members must join and participate in at least 2 AQ & AW a week.
B) Do not join an AQ or AW and stay sitting at the start. You join, you move.
C) While you do not need to use your strongest Champions in the quest or war, you must at least use some of your top Champions. No sandbagging.
D) You must be active in the AQ & AW. No joining then letting others do all the work.

3) Communication
We want to have a fun and productive environment. Members are encouraged to use the in-game chat for general communication. However, as has been shown in the past, some limits must be placed on it to ensure everyone’s enjoyment:
A) No political talk. This will generally lead to arguments.
B) No arguments or fighting. Got a beef with someone? Take it to private message. If it is too severe, report it to Administration.
C) No hate speech. This includes racial, religious, sexist, or nationalist talk. This can result in an immediate removal from the group.
D) YOU MUST JOIN AND STAY PART OF THE GOOGLE GROUP! This allows us to freely communicate with members, set up specific battle plans, and post announcements easier. Bookmark this link for easier access to the group:
E) Personal accomplishments: There will be a special area in the Google Group for you to post any personal accomplishments you make or achieve. Get your first 5* champ? Brag about it! Just max out or dupe your strongest hero? Let us know!
F) Soapbox: There will also be a special section for any member to get something off their chest. Have an issue with the game, a thought on how to make things better, want to tell me how great I am, or just want to rant? This is the place to do just that! Just please exercise common decency when doing so.
4) Saving crystals for the Summoner Advancement: No official stance on this yet. Do whatever the hell you want. Many members will try to arrange to save them for a specific time. Do this if you want but it is not required.

More rules may be added at any time so keep watch of this posts. Any changes will be posted in the in-game chat as well as announced in the group.
Suggestions are always encouraged and welcomed but their implementation is at the sole discretion of the Administration.

Have fun, be productive, and remember over-all that this is just a game, but it is a game where others rely on you and your conduct. Don’t make it more than that and we all should have a great time!

TFO's Easy Dual List!
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This is the Official Soap Box! Got something to get off your chest or a great idea for the Alliance? Shout it out here!

We are intending to assign teams for the Alliance wars and each team will be assigned to 1 of 3 Battle Groups. Once we have all of the Alliance members signed up to this group then their team assignments will be handed out.
Leenis and I have been discussing this for a while and we want to try something that may give us an advantage in the Wars. As long as we all participate in this and stay with their assigned team and group we should see an increase in the number of wars we win.
Remember, we can't do this without everyone's involvement and when one team wins we all benefit from it!

Once you join, please reply to this post with your Contest of Champions name in case yours isn't in your Google name like mine is so we know who you are. Thanks!
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