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Hello there! Welcome to OC Land! I'm the founder, Animation maker Mccarty. Here, you can post content of your OCs. I recommend you click "About Community" before you start posting. As we have a few rules.

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Glacier in gore

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ooF dis took me 1h to draw glitch >:VVV

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thought this fit in with ocs....

if you want free art then maybe join this raffle.
Art Raffle!
What do I win?
1. Fullbody + headshot of your character
2. Fullbody of your character
3. Headshot of your character + mini chibi drawing

You can choose if your drawing is pixel or just regular lineart.

How do I enter?
1. Follow me
2. Comment
3. Fill out this form:

Can I do multiple entries?
Yes! If you want a better chance of getting picked, you can do these to earn an extra entry.
1. Tag people in your comment (up to 5 people)
2. Reshare (up to 5 reshares)

Examples of art:

My art will improve over the time of this raffle so entries may look different than my examples. This raffle ends when I hit 300 followers

Add "chicken nuggets" to your comment for another entry, and so I know you read the whole thing
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Sorry for the random anime girl posts. KENNETH HAS BEEN FUCKING WITH MY ACCOUNT >:/

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I got bored a makes him with a app

name Yin

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idk if I'd consider these OCs cause they're actually ponysonas/personas of Jake and I
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Alright! Expect some new visitors!

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look at this snazzy jazzy razzle dazzle boi

Sidon: gives Smol a cloaca
Also Sidon: gives it a dick
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