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Hi! Im Sean. I, as most likely most of you guys play animal crossing: new leaf. If there's any accomplishments that you would like to share please post it along with a picture (if possible). For those of you who don't have the game here is a description along with a link to its website. Animal Crossing: New leaf is a simulation/ role playing game. It is kind of like sims except you are mayor (only if you are the first person to play the game. The game hosts up to 4 players), the currency is bells, and all the citizens (except the players) are animals. Their language is called Animalese. You have to sustain the town in order to keep the town happy. You have a house you decorate it, you raise money for public works projects, and you way more fun stuff! There are 3 other games in the sires. I encourage you to buy it. P.S. You need a nintendo 3DS/3DS XL to play!
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