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I translated a news story into Atlaans

Katalonien onabhangichheet: Folkfertretung stim om abspaltung fon Spanien su beginen

De onabhangichheetanmeldung is fon de Katalaniena net-onabhangichheeta skupiena in de Katalaniena folkfertretung viederstrebed

De folkfertretung fon de Spaniena bereech fon Katalonien ar een beslus das onastoosh onabhangichheet fon Spanien anneemed.

Darin staan das es wou das erreech inan 18 monaden.

Spaniena Iende Forsiter Mariano Rajoy saged haar uprava wou een beswerde su de konstituchuna rechhof om de beslus su halten eenreechen.

He saged su de berichterstater das na een notfalicha regeerungmanshafsastanak ouf meddag, he wou "een beslus [su de konstituchuna rechhof] fon onkonstituchunlichheet zeegen en wou danak fragen for ... de shoforticha oussetung fon dies beslus en al esaar mooglicha virkungen".

Gn. Rajoy is fruner saged das he wou gezetlicha masnaame teen de Katalaniena folkfertretung neemen as es waara een abspaltung plan bevillen.

Katalaniena landlicha skupienanen is een meerheet fon zitplaten in de folkfertretung in September vined en de beslus das ouf Moondag bevilled is ar siened as de iende shrit na de shafun fon een onabhangicha shavakan, saak de BBC'se Tom Burridge in Madrid.

Ouf de swee blad belech staan das veel de for-onabhangicha skupiena de vaal vined is, vaarend esse kampen noor over onabhangichheet, de ferfaarung fon een nuta Katalaniena shavakan nu begined is.

Dies anmeldung fon onabhangichheet ar fon Katalaniena net-onabhangicha skupienanen viederstrebed, en de Spaniena shavakan.

De Spaniena konstituchuna rechhof wou vaarsheenlich es ongezetlich oorteelen, unser berichterstater saak.

Jedoch, ouf de belech staan das de Spaniena konstituchuna rechhof mangel berechtigung en das masnaamen fon de Spaniena shavakan om Katalonien vech su gaanen su hinderen wou niet fon de Katalaniena folkfertretung bestaated verd.

De for-onabhangichheet skupienanen saged for de September vaal das esse is es as een virksama vaal over onabhangichheet fon Spanien.

Esse behoop das de Spaniena uprava ar een gezetlicha bestaaticha vaal om su statfinden standich ferveged, en is een onofishel vaal das is onabhangichheet onstoozed in November 2014 dieramed.

Meenung omfragen forslaak das een meerheet fon Katalanen beforshuk een vaal over onabhangichheet, men ar gleechmaasich teeled over ob esse zou abspalten.

I find it interesting that yard and garden are derived from the same word, but one has a "weakened" g and the other doesn't. The "weakened" g explains how German "sagen" and English "say" are related. I never even knew of this phenomenon until I learned Swedish where the "g" in "säger" is pronounced similarly to English "y"

Do you like listening to music in all sorts of languages? Or do you prefer to stick to a couple only?

I just realised that I actually speak a minority language. South African English is only spoken by about 4 million people. And we have a population of 40 million people.
Growing up, because of the dominance of English through British and American culture it never really crossed my mind. English is a lingua franca here. So I never had a problem communicating with people.
But everyone knows that you feel free in your native language. You can express your hopes and dreams. You can bear your soul. You can express joy and sadness.
Those kinds of conversations are really hard to have with second or third language speakers. That stuff is hard enough to speak about anyways, and when you add the language barrier to it, then it gets even harder. A language barrier means that it gets really hard to talk about more than just superficial things with second or third language people even if english is a lingua franca here.

I think monolinguals (and I was a monolingual until fairly recently) are trapped in a bubble where they only interact with other monolinguals and they don't see much of the amazing language kaleidoscope happening around them.

I never thought that me joining the facebook language community and speaking to all you wonderful people would provide some insight into my own life and surroundings. Language truly is a wondrous thing!

28 members, not a bad start :).

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Who wants to learn the Russian language?

How do you say "I like Google Plus" in your language?

What have you done in your target language today? I have been learning Swedish. I listened to a Swedish podcast today

What is your favourite language? What do you like about it?
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