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This community was created to help us improve Puzzle Alarm Clock. You can test new features before everyone else.


Beta channel will have updates at most once a day, where alpha can be updated multiple times a day.

Feature: long press an alarm and drag up/down to add/subtract minutes to/from the alarm time

Use case: I love how I can trust this app to work reliably in the background. My main interaction with it daily is to set the time of my morning alarms (I use 2) depending on what time I want to wake up - sometimes earlier for an early meeting, sometimes later because I can go into work late.

It would be GREAT to have the feature mentioned above! It would be a bonus if you could select multiple alarms and add/subtract minutes to/from the alarm time for all of them simultaneously!

Will be happy to send a pull request with code if you need!

After few latest betas PAC drains a lot of battery. What could be wrong? It's 3rd on my list after screen on and one game.


I purchased premium on your older version of the app. Do I have to rebuy premium on your new app as I do not see any way to restore my purchases?

When I dismiss an alarm (using barcode scanner), the alarm volume is reset to zero.
Version, Samsung Galaxy S5

Today after I have quit the alarm and clicked are you awake notification. Instead of next alarm time I got error notification at bar that next alarm cannot be loaded and that I have to check if it is not turned off. When app opened there wasn't my latest alarms, set about week ago? But older one I have changed before
Version 1.522

Could you please add change log of beta updates @Google Play or point me where I can find one?

I wrote your by email, but i repeat my suggestion where:

Please, add reboot-proof. Just block (hide) window that appear in long press powerup button, how it did Alarmy app, and enable alarm of phone was rebooted when alarm ring in.

And block uninstall by add app in device admins

Anyone have the audio file for the 'Sunrise' sound on Puzzle Alarm Clock 2? That's the thing I miss the most from the old version

I like beta is going somewhere. After long time yesterday alarm finally rang 😉

Issue I am reporting. When you edit existing alarm (e.g. Change time) name gets deleted at open.
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