today marks the end of this community

Hey guys!

+Kurloz Makara  look your a owner 

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Dan says hi music lovers

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thanks for the invite

bad news everyone Im deleting this community sorry 

 to those in the world with a beating heart who aren't afraid to explore and be who god made them and care enff to stop and listen to the tails of a rambling man and will tell their tales of heart break and suffering while they search this blackened home we live in to reach the final chapter and be next to the one they heart will set fire with to put a end to blackness that fills that empty void to allow the light to break throw to slay our demons as they sleep and crush the very evil that is darkness and loneliness while we slumber the tails build and never end to slay fear once and for all we are never alone we are the heros of all and the heros of old 

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Falling In Reverse - "I'm Not A Vampire":
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