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This is the second of three videos about the Great Dunmow "Get Diggin it" project with +Jenny Lynn ... this one is a tour around parts of the community allotment areas... and what is being grown and aspects to the growing

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This is the 3rd of the three videos on the Community Food growing project "Get Diggin it" in Great Dunmow with +Jenny Lynn ... here we are talking about how the project got started ...

There will be other videos a bit later on in the growing season... possibly during August time...

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This is the first of three videos with +Jenny Lynn about the Community food growing project "Get Diggin it" based in Great Dunmow.

As there are no threads - I'll start? I've no idea if what I'm about to post up is of any use whatsoever - but here goes…
Having had the strangest of weekends - I won't bore you all with the lurid detail - but suffice to say, out of such situations you do find it can give you clarity of thought. As this small, (but growing) community will see in due course - I'm not the greatest advocate of unrestricted neo-liberalism (mastery of the English understated there btw..).
Whether your weekend was weird or not - our minds are constantly processing the question; Should I be shooting for outcome A or outcome B? - we all know that process can be incredibly fraught and painful. I'm no psychologist - but all of our decisions are clouded in a soup of want, need and conditioning. The bigger the outcome of the question - the cloudier and hotter the soup becomes. This weekend - my mind soup boiled over!
I've struggled really very hard with the idea of community v.s capitalism and the 'no money' society. It's a thought process that at times is reflective and soothing - and sometimes achingly visceral.
Having been 'introduced' to a character over the weekend (rich but terminally stingy) - who didn't treat either me or my partner with much respect this weekend - I've decided community is important! Life is now different - we NEED to be different. Grenfell Towers is STARK beacon of just how messed up our society really is, and how the attitude of "I got it - you ain't getting it" is a collision course with absolute disaster.

Often people pass me information about groups who are doing amazing work in the community. The problem is they come from different platforms... email, Facebook, Messenger, conversations, whatsApp et al.

I was thinking that it would be great if there was a simple tool that could be used to bring together all these different initiatives on a website which means as we learn about initiatives they can be added... shared... a page for each with an outline of what they are doing and all the relevant contact details, social media etc.

The idea is that it is not attached to any project... and it is purely there as a resource to enable people to find information and also to pass it on.

A bit like Wikipaedia but so easy to update and managed and run purely for the benefit of rapidly accelerating growth of great initiatives.

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