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Here's my new Piano composition. I hope you'll enjoy. If you like it, please like, subscribe and share! Thanks!

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**Works07 Easy Listening Piano Music and Arrangement to Other Instruments for Your Vivid Life**
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***Historical Fantasy of Ancient China and East Asia After:
Warmth to East Asia, Love to Japan,
Adopting Similar Motif Beethoven and Chopin had Used***
Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 27 4th Movement
Chopin Piano Sonata No3. 1st Movement

Shi No. 12 “Omoi: Warmth”
There had already been excellent humanists who had deep ideas on nature, human beings and society in the classical age of China before their first empire. If they continue to live and watch the history of human beings after their age, what do they consider and how do they feel with each own warmth?
There had been many philosophers and social theorists who created deep ideas on nature, human beings and society in Chinese Classical Philosophical Age before their first united empire. However, in the real world, people had severe days because of famines and wars. Also oppressive officials and unfair rulers escalated people’s sufferings. At last, an absolute monarch united the world, gradually resume of control by rules and the idea of reign by moral recovered the social stability and peace.
A young emperor who wanted to realize the best reign once held a dinner party celebrating the world stability and people’s prosperity. First, attendance enjoyed the magnificent koto music performance with Japanese minor and major harmony. Beautiful female dancers started to show their elegant dance synchronizing rhythms that the emperor made hitting an inkstone. When attendance was fully drunken in the party, suddenly a man who had a deep complain against the rule by the emperor started violence influenced by alcohol. The party was fully confused. But the peace of the party recovered finally after the emperor apologized deeply to that man.

支那統一国家が出来る前の百家争鳴の時代、自然や人間や社会について理想を説く思想家達がおりました。しかし飢饉や戦乱もあり、人々は生活に窮しました。役 人の横暴や為政者の不条理な支配もありました。やがて専制的君主が天下を統一し、しだいに法による支配や道徳による統治により社会は平和と安定を取り戻し ます。
理想的な統治を目指す若い皇帝が、天下の平定と人民の繁栄を祝い宴会を催します。先ずは日本の筝曲により、陰陽の壮麗 な 旋律を楽しみます。やがて皇帝の硯を打つリズムに合わせて美しい舞姫が典雅な舞いを披露します。宴も進み人々は酩酊します。その時、皇帝の統治に不満を鬱 積させた者が酔った勢いで乱暴狼藉を始め、宴会の場は混乱を極めましたが、皇帝が頭を下げる事で何とか丸く収める事が出来ました。

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Soothing music for sensitive ears

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**Fanfare No.4 "Glory", a Complete Part of my Piano Concerto Played by Brass Band**

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