Hey Danny how's it going mate????
Just wondering if you would be able to give me a run down on Google Classroom???
I think we had a chat about this at the last day? lol. 
It's cool If you're not using it though haha

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Some blatant advertising for my action research project - I'm doing a weekly reflective blog (2 entries thus far!).  Have a look, leave a comment, and come back regularly to see what my weekly musings have been ...

@dk2_econfidence#warrnamboolLSDA login2 google+ & access the WarrnamboolLSDA community#comment on how u could use google+ at your school? Maybe this could be a Professional Learning Network for Bastow Warrnambool LSDA???

I think there is opportunities for secondary schools to develop academic links with primary schools, especially in relation to digital technology pedagogy. 

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Google are doing some great things! Check out this link on Google Classroom!

Pedagogical transition, between Primary and Secondary.
How do we aide this from a digital perspective?  I've be advocating for a while that Warrnambool is in need of a middle school (grade 5 - year 8).  It's not going to happen in a physical sense, and perhaps it shouldn't as it only creates another transition between physical environments.
BUT, how 'bout a virtual middle school that exists across all state primary and secondary schools in the Warrnambool network.  This would be inquiry / project based and allow staff and students across all schools to notice where digital learning is at and where it needs to be taken ...
Your thoughts?

Are we preparing our students for the 'world of work?' Does our current VCE system prepare students for this world? 

Some resources worth checking out:
My:24 (multi-modal literacies app)

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Take a look at this video that I created with my year 7 students. Each student posted their own video in our class community on google + and then we collated and edited each video to make 1 video. Students were able to comment on each others videos and provide constructive feedback. 

Hi Bastow & Warrnambool 'Leading Schools in the Digital Age' members. We have created this community group to show you why Google + is a great tool to use inside and outside of the classroom. 
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