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I literally forgot this Place existed untill +Gan Koibito​, who i thought left G+ liked one of my Posts from here where i claimed the Community to be dead

[This place... Is dead...]

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Not big Soup rice

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Rip in piss once again

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Name: Drunken Bastards
Time: Specifics Unknown. Night-Time
Place: A Small Tavern, located on a Far Off World

Anger. Sure, it was a very common emotion, though it always seemed to surprise Sparrow. He had always been a calm individual. If someone ever insulted him, he would normally brush it off. Though, primitive name-calling seemed to be one of the more triggering of abuses. At least, that’s what Sparrow guessed, as he continuously ducked under a swinging wine bottle, as the lady holding it tried to bash his helmet in. Sure, it wouldn’t work, though it was funny to watch her try.

Sparrow took a few steps backward, and the lady swinging again. Liquid was spilled all over her, and her face was very red. Sparrow didn’t know whether it was because she was drunk, or if that’s just what happens when you call someone rude. The bottle itself was only half empty, being more filled with air as the strong liquid bubbled out from the uncorked top. Sparrow ducked again, jumping back immediately afterwards as the extremely muscular woman lunged at him. She missed, though from the way she was trying to crush his coat, she didn’t seem to notice.

Sparrow sat back down at the bar, ordering another drink. He listened for when she would pass out. The small dart in her neck would do the trick, even for a beast such as herself. She was certainly nothing like Psycho. Psycho could be managed, sometimes even tamed, though this woman was crazy.

Sparrow took a sip of his new drink, the strange alien flavor making him smile behind his helmet. It was a very sour-bitter taste, which Sparrow enjoyed. It was something different that the light scotch that The Eclipse gave to him for free. As he took another sip, he heard the loud snoring as the beast-woman fell into sleep, her body shaking the tavern as it slumped over. All the other people, who appeared to also be overly muscular females, looked on. They were content with leaving the stranger alone, at least for the time being.

Sparrow thought it over in his head. This planet was much different than many of the other ones that he had visited. It’s population had a very strange gender gap. He had only seen one other guy on his small walk through the city, and even that may not have been a male. And all of the people who muscular. It was strange, and moderately awkward. Of course, Sparrow could keep himself under control, though he wasn’t sure if that was the real threat facing him at the moment.

Sparrow looked around momentarily, seeing nearly all eyes on him. They were still drinking, and talking, but their eyes were staring at Sparrow. Sparrow then felt it. A deep, warm breath on his neck. He saw two hands, one of either side, grip the counter. He listened, and with not hearing the snoring anymore, he realized who this was.

”Oh… Hello Wine Bottle Lady...”

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"I have seven hundred and fifty two contracts. They vary from all types of crimes, and some are not even considered criminal offenses. At least half of them have a better cause, and better pay, than your job will ever be. So, why do you want to hire Me?"

[Tada, new character. Oh, and I wouldn't mind this community becoming active again. For the little time I spent here, it was enjoyable. I made a lot of stuff... A lot of very weird stuff...]
Name: Sparrow

Age: 34 EY

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'7 Ft

Rank: Mercenary. Sparrow works as a hired employee of The Eclipse, a moderately known PMC/Mercenary Contracting Service/Bounty Hunter Employment/World Saving/Dictator Upturning/Group of Badasses, who travel the galaxy in the late 2500s and early 2600s. Sparrow, along with many other mercenaries, are paid handsomely for their doings.

Heavily Modified and Personalized Mantis Armor, Detailed Below
(Please do be patient. There is stuff under this detailed description of Sparrow's Gear.)

--Temptation Style HUD Screen: A Blue-Red Color Themed, specialty designed HUD Screen, specially created by Sparrow himself to allow him easier access to his suit’s capabilities. He has it both linked up to his brain functions, and eye movements.
--Chemical and Carbon Air Filters: Build by Sparrow to keep out foreign chemical substances and smoke. Though he normally relies on his Ozone Replication Compression Tanks, this is still useful for when he either runs out, or doesn’t feel like using recycled air.
--Ozone Replication Compression Tanks: Two highly compressed tanks of breathable air locked inside of the left side of his helmet. Sparrow usually uses these around the clock, to be prepared for anything.
--Cameras: There are 4 separate cameras mounted on Sparrow’s helmet. There’s the Thermal detection camera, which faces front. The X-Ray camera, which also faces front. The Night Vision camera, which faces front, and the back-facing camera. These allow Sparrow to see the world through many different angles and ways, allowing for easier navigation and enemy spotting.

--Detachable Type 5 Jetpack: During the Glasvon Revolution, Sparrow used the Type 3 Jetpack. Although it had low fuel, Sparrow alway enjoyed it’s high velocity, which, when it came out, the Type 4 did not have. Though, when Sparrow broke his Type 3, he decided it was time to change. The Type 5 has over twenty four hours of fuel, and can allow the user(If they have enough heat resistance) to reach speeds up to MACH 6, or ‘Hypersonic’ speeds. The jetpack can even be operated in space, where it is most useful for Sparrow when his starfighter cannot be used anymore.
--Full-Body Heavy Kinetic Shielding: This pack within the front chest-portion of the plate allows for the whole body to be encased in a near indestructible kineti shell for a portion of time. The time varies on how much spare power is in the suit. At full charge, the shield can withstand a mini-nuke, while when on it’s lowest power, can barely withstand fifty or so bullets. Though the shielding is not necessary, as there are other kinetic shielding units in the armor. Added on top of this is Sparrow’s armor in general, which can withstand starcruiser lasers.
--Back-Mounted Magnetic Weapon Holster: A large metal plate, able to withstand most physical and laser projectiles. It normally holds both Sparrow’s Sniper Rifle, and Assault Rifle, while also fitting snuggly around the Jetpack. Runs off of excess Suit Power.
--Front-Mounted Magnetic Weapon Holsters: 2 small metal plates, able to withstand small amounts of physical damage. Usually holds a secondary Kinetic Blade, and a Detonator Charge.

Left Arm:
--Small Kinetic Blade: A small, button-activated blade. Usually glossed over by the naked eye, up until it’s being stabbing into the naked eye.
--Standard High-Caliber Sniper Rifle Ammo: 48 rounds stored in a small pouch. The Ammo can breach through three feet of compressed steel.
--Havoc High-Caliber Sniper Rifle Ammo: 24 rounds stored in a small pouch. This Ammo detonates into a shower of shrapnel when at the input number of meters from the barrel of the gun. Sparrow can input the range with his Sniper Rifle.
--Crack High-Caliber Sniper Rifle Ammo: 24 round stored in a small pouch. This Ammo explodes into a large ball of fire when hitting a target. It vaporizes a large amount of whatever is around it, dealing massive damage to both armored and unarmored foes.

Right Arm:
--Incendiary Grenades: Pouch holds 15 of these tiny terrors. Set to a small five second timer, these grenades spread flame to anything around them, and can even burn so hot that they can melt some weaker metals.
--Spare Assault Rifle Ammo: 4 magazines, or 200 extra bullets.

Right Wrist:
--Heavy Laser Beam Shooter: A high-power laser. It has to capability to melt through nearly anything. It can only be activated for a few seconds, before needing to be recharged. Has been known to blow up when used, though it’s rare.
--Ranged Taser: A high-power electrical wire, which can be shot at an enemy, and directly distribute the electrical current through them. This can also be done to electrical appliances, and is a quick and easy way to obliterate a computer.
--Grapple Launcher: Physical grip able to attach to any solid surface. Can pull in and retract wire to allow Sparrow the ability to rappel up buildings, cliffs, and more. The wire and the grip are burn-proof, and more or less blast resistant. The wire is nearly six hundred meters long, and is just thin enough to be contained within a small 4 inch by two inch by four inch space.
--Mini-Flame Thrower: Holding enough fuel to set it ablaze, and watch it go for nearly a day, this flamethrower is extremely powerful. It can be launched up to twenty feet forward, and will scorch anything along the way.
--Blade Launcher: Fires a high-velocity blade at the enemy. Basically a very large, sharp bullet.
--Retractable Blade: A blade that can be pulled in and out of Sparrow’s wrist.
--Super-Charged Energy Shield: A large, red shield, which can cover three feet in diameter from the center of Sparrow’s wrist. It can deflect mostly anything, though doesn’t last as long as it should.

Left Wrist:
--Mini-Rocket Launcher: Needing to be loaded manually, this small Rocket Launcher can fire at one rocket every five seconds. Though it’s ammunition is expensive, Sparrow has more than enough money to pay for whole rooms filled with the stuff. It packs a large punch, and can even match up against even the most armored of foes.
--Grapple Launcher: Physical grip able to attach to any solid surface. Can pull in and retract wire to allow Sparrow the ability to rappel up buildings, cliffs, and more. The wire and the grip are burn-proof, and more or less blast resistant. The wire is nearly six hundred meters long, and is just thin enough to be contained within a small 4 inch by two inch by four inch space.
--Mini-Flame Thrower: Holding enough fuel to set it ablaze, and watch it go for nearly a day, this flamethrower is extremely powerful. It can be launched up to twenty feet forward, and will scorch anything along the way.
--Blade Launcher: Fires a high-velocity blade at the enemy. Basically a very large, sharp bullet.
--Retractable Blade: A blade that can be pulled in and out of Sparrow’s wrist.
--Super-Charged Energy Shield: A large, red shield, which can cover three feet in diameter from the center of Sparrow’s wrist. It can deflect mostly anything, though doesn’t last as long as it should.

--Incendiary Grenades: 4 pouches, each with 15 of these tiny terrors. Set to a small five second timer, these grenades spread flame to anything around them, and can even burn so hot that they can melt through some weaker metals.
--Spare Assault Rifle Ammo: 6 magazines, or 300 bullets.
--Spare Heavy Pistol Ammo: 3 magazines, or 30 bullets.

Full Body:
--Color Changing Energy Field: The whole suit can change color at a moments notice, due to a cleverly designed form of energy field. The field hovers closely to the suit’s shell, and can change color down to the nanometer.
--Light-Bending Energy Field: This strange energy field, which also hovers close to the suit’s shell, allows Sparrow to bend light around himself. The light that comes in on one end, comes out the other end. This allows his to go invisible for as long as he wishes, or how long his suit’s power will let him. Cloaking and uncloaking makes a small, but noticeable noise, though besides that the field is flawless.
--Anti-Projectile Energy Field: A full-time force field, keeping any solid objects from touching the shell of Sparrow’s armor. Uses very little suit power.
--Miniature Nuclear Reactors: 4 of these can be found below the ribcage, on the back side of the armor, just above Sparrow’s belt. They all produce more than enough power on their own to keep Sparrow’s suit alive and well. All excess power is recycled into the reactors.
--Magnetic Surfacing: These pads located on Sparrow’s Palms and Boot Soles, are

--Custom High Caliber Sniper Rifle: A large, bulky, and very carefully designed rifle. It has it’s own computer system and auto-targeting system. It can be used to program certain types of bullets, and in Sparrow’s hands it is highly effective. It can hold 12 shots per clip.
--Custom Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle: Much like the sniper, it is very bulky and large. It can hold a total of 50 bullets per clip. The bullets are large, and can deal a large amount of damage.
--Dual Custom Heavy Pistols: Each pistol is highly powerful, and extremely precise. If they were equipped with scopes, they would be very powerful sniper rifles. They each hold 10 bullets each, and can fire automatically.

Weaknesses: Extreme-Cold(Ice can hold Him down, and even immobilize him. And He doesn't like any of it. Always reminds him of something...)
Most Magic(Because F*CK MAGIC. It's barely explainable bullsnap in my most gracious of opinions.)

Skills: Sniping
Firefight Dominating
Hand-To-Hand Combat
Guarding/Simple Defense

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Severe Biological Differences: Though He is often told that He should buy a writing or recording device for His thoughts and actions, Sparrow has an incredible mind for learning and retaining information. He can remember tens of thousands of names, and link those names to faces.
*Sparrow also uses this to keep track of His many cash and object storage sites, which He has scattered across the galaxy. Along with this amazing mental capacity, He can remember most forms of robotic code, learn new languages, memorize maps, and more. Though, this doesn't come for free. Though very useful, with His relatively normal Human mind, this information can sometimes be garbled, and even 'corrupted'. Much like a computer overheating, Sparrow's mind simply cannot function properly when exposed to too much information.

Personality: Though His personality is usually very linear, brute, and generally emotionless, as His work requires, He is sometimes forced out of this simplistic state of being for more emotional moments. Often when He works with others, He tends to regard their lives over His own. When talking outside of this personality, He often regards it as being childish, and that He doesn't want it to happen again, though this objection is easily pushed aside when put into a stressful group situation.
Learned from his time in the rebellion, He has come to accept that there are economic, political, military, and even civilian levels of class and power. He also learned that these classes can be broken, and even replaced in need be.

Homeworld: Glasvon

Biography: //CleanRecords//...//YouWillNeverLearn//

//Sparrow is a mercenary, assassin, bounty hunter, body guard, basically anything that He can profit off of. With all the years He has put into His job, it is only fitting that he has large sums of money scattered all across the galaxy, made of different currencies and languages.
//His language, tactic expertise, and knowledge of galactic events makes Him a treasure trove of information. Though he is often hard to locate, he always seems to have a way of finding employers, though much of His strategy of this is hidden away inside His head.
//Though His birthplace, relatives, friends, allies, and even the opposites of these are unknown to nearly everyone, His one open relationship is with another great bounty hunter nick-named by the public as 'Psycho'. She has been seen by many to have taken on many of the same types of missions as Sparrow, and has even been spotted working with Him. Though they have not necessarily been seen together outside of work, some people like to think that they have a relationship, or at least ties that are not directly linked to business.
//ENTERING HIS OWN PERSONAL MIND, NOT JUST WHAT THE PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT SPECULATES: Born on a rural planet known as Glasvon, He was brought up in a rebellion, looking to overthrow the corrupt Dictatorship, which held the planet in a iron, industrialist grip. They polluted the water, poisoned the people, and in the process starved, dehydrated, and straight up murdered tens of millions of individuals in order to maintain their rule.
//Sparrow was sixteen when the rebellion formed, and was part of it straight from the beginning. They thought that they would need to maintain secrecy with their limited numbers. This all changed when word finally got out two years later about their existence. With that, millions of people were either joining from the streets, or going AWOL from the military to join them in their quest for freedom.
//They gained troops, weapons, vehicles, information. Though, they were still not as large as the Dictatorship. This changed when Sparrow turned nineteen. He was officially anointed the Leader of the rebellion, and with that, he set out on His mission. He became a great soldier, and was always on the front lines, leading His followers to freedom each time. They crushed outpost after outpost, liberating thousands of cities and towns. He Himself led the last strike against the Government, and killed the Dictator Himself. After which, He tore down their devilish reign and re-flourished the planet into a Democracy.
//During His many years supplying services to the Rebellion on His home planet, Glasvon, Sparrow began shedding His born name for a nickname. Others, who didn't know His name, were baffled by His amazing feats, and were overjoyed with His work after every raid, attack, or defense from or on the Imperial reign at the time.
//Though, these people didn't know what to call Him. Some thought of Him as a hero, a great warrior, and even an angel, though his real name never truly spread. Though this didn't stop the people from naming Him.
//On one of the many raids performed on the Imperials, the Rebels scavenged a experimental suit of armor. It was called the Z4, and was first going to be melted down to prevent it from falling into Imperial hands. Though Sparrow thought differently.
//He instead wore it, using it's enhanced strength, and increased agility to improve His already unique and awe-inspiring skills. Along with these amazing powers, the suit also came with a simplistic invisibility frame, which made it so only a light shimmer could be seen from the user. He was then known as the "One Eyed Ghost", due to the suit possessing what seemed like a single eye, and the invisibility.
//Throughout His time in the rebellion, Sparrow would use a multitude of different armors and weapons, though those differences would never truly change the name of this great hero.

//Since that time, Sparrow has upgraded His current armor to it's peak, with incredible strength, near unmatchable agility, and an aim-assist so precise... Well, let's just it's never failed Him. Along with these, He has had improved invisibility tech, and much better weapons, allowing for even more aggressive and risky tactics to become doable, and sometimes even easy for Sparrow to accomplish.

//Once He finally finished with His rebuilding, He retreated away from His leadership roles, and was swiftly replaced. He was battle hardened, extremely skilled and efficient, with hundreds of thousands of deaths on his belt. With these mental trophies of war, he set out into the galaxy, ready for any employers that could give him sufficient pay for his skills.

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”Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars.”

”Nothing is impossible.”
           ”The word itself says I’m possible.

”Hex, O’Wisp.”





”Familiar Caster/Magician.”

|Faction and rank|

”Chaotic Neutral.”

”A nation in the way distant future.”

|Hair Color|
”Dark Blue, to Light Blue.”

|Eye Color|
”Vibrant Glowing Blue.”


”135.7 Ibs”

|Body Type|
”Slim, Flexible and Light.”

|Spells and Powers:|
”Pain of the Blue Flame:”
    ”-A spell or power, that emits blue flames throwing them at the target.”
    ”-This spell, takes more time to form than his telekinesis. But the aftermath is greater.”
    ”-Even if the spell is attempted to be extinguished, the flames will continue to burn.”

           ”Very masterful of this power.”
           ”Is able to stop attacks by repelling a force against it.”

          ”Using his Psionic powers, he causes an illusion.”
          ”These Illusions are a good cloak. And can be used on vast groups.”

           ”Appears, at any time. This Familiar reflects Hex’s soul. Which he brings out to fight for him, or handle and do many things. It is ghastly overpowered, and  may wreck havoc wherever Hex might be. Wielding a blade that can cut anything, anything it kills will be absorbed into the tombs surrounding its body which it uses to shield itself. Although it’s defense without it is strong enough. It will use the shields to protect Hex>”

|Ultimate Ability|
       ”Makes the world around the target seem to glitch out.”
      ”It’s a nightmarish type of illusion that affects the world around the target.”
     ”It’s random, so it’s impossible to predict how it works.”

“Intelligent and Cunning. Hex is not known for his good deeds, although he does have some. He is merciless when pursuing a goal. However underneath all that Sarcasm and Slyness, he is not cold hearted, Black hearted maybe be, but he has a very soft spot for youth and family. He gets easily flustered by things that he can’t explain or sudden human emotion.”

”Even if he had any, you’d have to find out yourself.”

”Hex’s story begins with falling, always falling. It seemed like only yesterday he was robbing banks and going to school like a regular teenager his age. However his age remains unknown his his species is unknown but you can assume he’s around the age of a teen where he comes from by his looks alone. He was in the middle of fighting, when he was pulled into a rift that appeared behind him. Now he was falling.”

”Falling into your world….”

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This is Pretty much dead

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Pulsating, churning, boiling, burning. So much torment, suffering, and hate. Crumbling, falling, slicing, and dicing.

Of course, this was the normal actions deep within Veronica's many 'deactivated' stations. Deactivated, of course, being used loosely. They simply didn't have Human supervision. Hundreds of thousands of AIs amongst the many billions of dollars of medical equipment, genetic material, chambers, and enough power to run experiments, build equipment, and repair damaged ANYTHING for millions of years.

Thus, the AIs do what they were build to do. Programmed to accomplish; Learn. This presents and interesting situation, as many of these great facilities are nearly always isolated. No Outside contact.

Oh, what fun...
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