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"Crosses of the Crusade"


~ The image depicts crosses at the inception of the Early Church to represent the Crucifixion and the basis for Redemption and Eternal Salvation. This sign is referenced in the Acts of the Apostles as the "Christian Way" which represents Truth in Infinite Being ~

.......Jerusalem, Israel.......


"On a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land visiting Israel and Egypt, these manifestations of history are everywhere. These crosses etched into the walls are a sign of the early presence of recognition of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and the evangilization and defense of the the Church Tradition in its evolution into the most prominent religion in the world to last for all of time. The aerchways were very tall, as to accommodate the Knights to pass through on horeseback. The history is great and mandates the origin known as Judea-Christian by acknowledging the enormous impact of the Israelites and their trvels in forming the Church of greatness and the Everlasting Almighty Powerful God ~ the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit throughout eternity......."


Hebrew Liturgy in Jueusalem:



[ natural fotographia ]


© 2003 Kenneth Guimond
International Copyright Secured

Behind the Scenes.......

[ Present work is being done with a Sony camera that hangs around my neck at, pretty much, all times. The electronics are reliable and the lens system is made by Carl Zeiss, Inc, (a company I worked for a number of years ago and know to be extremely reputable for the highest quality products) which together form an outstanding camera. The scope of work encompasses studio and an abundance of location études that culminate with art gallery exhibitions.
My philosophy is more of an artiste and creator of pictorial ideas via image design. This takes place primarily with the selection of a theme, taking action for opportunity, and then with the kinetic experience of doing the assignment. Some refining is done via the digitization process afterwards. Overall, the effectiveness of the computer processing laboratory has risen to the forefront in photography, but does not take the place of natural photographic technique and conceptualization.

I still maintain film equipment, including a medium format Hasselblad (also well known for Zeiss lenses) but, admittedly, use it rarely. A digital back would be a very luxurious addition to the equipment dossier. The Sony can shoot raw, aperture or shutter speed priority, or fully automatic, has a built-in "micro" system, which for some unknown reason is described as "macro", carries a noteworthy light metering system, pop-up fill flash, and a number of other conveniences. I also use a chest level tripod with a quick release mono-pod, when longer exposures are necessary.]

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Tertullian's Ad Nationes

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