This app is a lot of fun, but I'm a little concerned over the specific terms that have been added.

For example, I couldn't find "wheel", but there was "vehicle" or other specific terms.

Most of the fun of Souls soapstones is having to be creative with limited options.

Hey everyone!  We've implemented some changes to the way we calculate which messages can be seen and read.

Previously we had set hard limits. You could only see messages up to 10km away, and only read messages up to 100m away. For the beta, this turned out to be impractical, because we saw that many users would open the app, see nothing, and lose interest.

Now, you are able to see at least 40 of the signs closest to your current location, no matter how far away they are. In addition, you'll be able to read at least a handful of the ones that are closest to you. As more signs are dropped in the world these gaps will naturally start closing and limits will become smaller, because there will be more messages available near your current location. This also allows users who are fairly isolated to still participate.

If you get a chance, make sure you're updated to the latest version (0.4.1) and give it a try!  Thanks again for being beta testers.

 - Mike
Soapstone Developer

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Visions of sniper spot... and then gorgeous view!
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TLDR: Soapstone should use Androids Battery saving Location Service (Wifi/Cellular location)  instead of High Accuracy Location Service when idling in Background.

Detailed Problem Description: I start up Soapstone, and just view the map, then I leave the App and switch to my Android Home Screen -> I can see Soapstone still soaking up my battery using High Accuracy Location Mode (GPS).  All notification options are enabled in the Soapstone settings. I need to Force kill the App to stop it eating my GPS/Battery. 

IMHO just for notification purposes it is not required to use Androids High Accuracy Mode, you should switch to Battery Saving mode if the User is not actively using the app in foreground. The provided location accuracy should be enough for notifications purpose.

Just put down my first sign. A couple things I'd like to see.

A. Words like U-turn. While this app is so close to dark souls, that is what will hold it back in a long run. It needs to become a way to put down signs but for real life, meaningful events.

B. The words need a search. Seriously though, when this goes public a lot of people will want to try it and have no idea where to find words.

C. Sign placement wiggle room. I'd love to be able to tag areas I was in or am passing by. IE, Beware of traffic jam/accident. And be able to tag that after I already fixed the problem for myself.

Doesn't look like I am able to download the app! Google returning a "not found" on the app link.

Oh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere... ;-;

There doesn't seem to be a way to force the map to go to your current location other than going into the "Write" menu. The map defaults to the last written message location

Everything else works great, but occasionally it refuses to find my location in the "Write" menu, even though it shows my current location in the map.

Is anybody else getting the message "You must be closer to this message to read it" but you're all the way zoomed in as far as you can go?...
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