Adding a new tutorial today because the other one was causing some crashes. This one should work better for more phones!

I hope I am not forgetting anything big but I am putting up the possible-release-candidate update now with a bunch of changes!

Added automatic modifications to favorites today. For example, when rolling for Ability Scores in D&D the rules say to roll 4d6 and remove the lowest. You can now create a favorite with 4d6, add a rule to remove the lowest, and whenever you roll the favorite, the lowest roll will be removed.

New update to come out today:
Intro tutorial, Settings (not for tablets yet), Automatic Modification

Adding an introductory tutorial!!

Release will likely occur within 3 weeks.

Highlighting is possible in the latest update :D Only least and greatest is possible for now but it can apply to favorites and their rolls.

Currently I am working to fix the issues brought on by rotating the device while the custom die creator dialog is open.

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An update will be coming out next week which lets the user highlight low and high rolls. Highlighting of rolls under or over a certain amount will also be possible!

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Here is the link to the app!

Known issues:
The app will crash on screen re-orientation with certain popup windows open. Sometimes it won't crash until a positive response such as "Add" is clicked. This is probably the biggest problem now

The app is pending Beta publication and I will let you know when it is up!
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