name Derek Hendricks
alias Rick
side Templar
appearance Tall with black hair and green eyes and usually wears a hoodie similar to that of the Assassins
age 25
rank Templar Assassin
weapons Dual hidden blades and a short dagger and a Sig-Sauer
abilities Egale Vision and expert fighter in many forms of combat
bio Derek was around 15 when his parents left him and he was taken in by a man who worked for Abstergo/Templar order and he got a job working for them as their Hitman if you will.
likes Women and doing whats right
dislikes Assassins
family None

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name: joseth williams
weapons:hidden blades, butterfly swords
Family:look at bio

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"Trust nobody. Believe only in your own abilities."

Name: Victoria Philips
Nickname: Snow
Age: 17
Gender: female
Country: England. (Formally America)

Appearance: Bright blonde hair, a scar across the left cheek and a dragon tattoo reaching down across left arm.

Weapon(s): Bloodscythe (sword). Dual wrist mounted pistols. Dual hidden blades.

Tools: lock picks, throwing knives and smoke grenades.

Strengths/Talents/Skills: excellent at picking locks, scaling buildings and blending in to a crowd.

Weaknesses: Arachnaphobia and claustrophobia.

Biography: (the following is an extract from the assassins personal journal)
In my early teens I had to leave home as my father was increasingly violent and my mother had died months earlier. I wandered the streets of california for a while before learning to pickpocket from a local homeless man.
Once I had pickpocketed enough I got a ferry over to england, because truthfully I had always thought england was an old timey place with kings and knights and such.
I found out this was not the case, and that I was indeed homeless again. I quickly went back to pickpocketing and was caught one day by a man by the name of Edward Miles.
He gave me a few tips on pickpocketing and offered me a place in the order. I turned up last night, I hope I do well here... (extract ends)
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//Hello. I'm new here, I hope we have fun RP.//

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name: Francisco
alias: none
side: assassin's
appearance: wears Ezio's armor
age: 45
rank: well known assasssin
weapons: hidden blade and hook blade, and a dagger
abilities: eagle vision
bio: i was Ezio's apprentice, he taught me all i know, he was a mentor, no, a father to me, since i was on the streets, and i will protect what he stood for
likes: helping none templars, Ezio
dislikes: templars
family: none

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Name: Bucky
Alias: The Eden Soldier
Side: Abstergo Enterprises/Entertainment, Templar Order
Rank: Hitman, Enforcer
Time Period: Modern Day
Weapons: Modified pistol w/suppressor, extended magazine, and a laser sight, stolen hidden blade, various weapons dependent on the mission
Abilities: Parkour, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Bio: Once an assassin, he was captured (at the cost of his arm) and brainwashed by the Templar Order. His arm was replaced with a piece of Eden, which not only further accelerated the brainwashing but also gave the man increased strength and dexterity. He now hunts his former comrades of the creed. While his real name is unknown, he is simply known as "The Eden Soldier."

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name: Unknown
alias: Sharp Night
side: Assassins 
appearance: Revelations Ottoman Assassin
age: 35
rank: Master 
weapons: Hidden Blade, Pistols, Dual Swords
abilities: Eagle Vison
 likes: Assassins
 dislikes: Templars
family: Assassins Guild
Bio: Found by his mentor at age 8, trained til 18, Sharp Night has since then worked his way up to Master. All else has been withheld from the Guild and Everyone else.

Sharp Knife is walking around the den looking for contracts

Full Name: David Martigo
Race: Italian, English
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Skin color: Beige
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Black (long)
Facial Hair: none 
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 165 lbs
Physical: thin muscular athletic body
Clothing: black Leather trench coat, assassins robes, red cloth, three belts, gauntlets, leather boots, black bandana.
Weapons: Altiar sword (replica), short dagger, throwing knives, two hidden blades, 4 pistoles, smoke bombs.
Martial Status: single

Appearence: david has long black hair that he puts in a pony tail, his eyes are grey as a blade, his mouch was cut from cheek to cheek showing his teeth and gums,

Ship: Naval ship

Personality: he is a silent type not talking much cause of the way he speaks, he scares his target before he kills them, never shows his face around, thinks he’s the best, 

Back ground: When David was a child he was a stealer and stole when he was hungry or wanted to steal it, one day he stole food from a Templar ship the cought him and he had to repay, so the captin decided to cut his lips and cheeks off, when he woke up he woke up in a pile of blood, he walked through the town with people having a scared or discus on their face, as he walked people threw rocks at him, he ran to a alley and sat down as he bleed out, hours later he woke up on a bed and his face covered with wraps, as he looks around he saw men in hoods and carrying weapons, one man looked at him with a smile and then off he was trained in the ways of the assassin ploting his revenge for the man that messed up his face.

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Name: Loki Laufeyson
Allegiance: Templar Order
Age: Unknown
Family: None
Rank: Templar Knight
Weapons: Sword of Eden, Hidden Blade
Abilities: Agility, Speed, Deception
Bio: Loki Laufeyson is a high-ranking Templar Knight, and after a tough fight, came into possession of one of the Swords of Eden. He fights to get an Apple of Eden and a Staff of Eden, so that he may finally bring order and peace. After all, you can't build an ivory tower without killing a few elephants. He left the Assassins after learning about their motives and after seeing the consequences of their actions. 
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