Well, I posed the question in Google Help about how I can add descriptions to images that I upload in it. The answer was, use Google Photos instead (see https://photos.google.com/). But this is very problematic, especially if you upload more than one image at a time from G+ first.

For a start, Google Photos only listed the first of of seven photos I'd uploaded on 2nd November. Secondly, while I did find a way to add/edit comments on that photo (you click on the "i" button", it did not show the existing description which I'd added via the old Google+, nor was that description changed within Google+. Older images had the descriptions I'd added to them, when I uploaded them via the old google. But numerous images that I've uploaded are missing from Google Photos.

But it's not only that. In the new Google+ you can no longer zoom in on large images like you could in the old. While you can see the description added to an image (by using the "i" button), you can't easily comment on that at the same time, because the section that displays the information covers up the button for comments! On the old Google+ the comments appeared in a column underneath the info section, which included description in it.

If all this functionality has been deliberately stripped out of Google+, I'll be using it far less than before. One of the things I really liked about G+ was the ease in which I could add sets of photos, which others could easily comment on. That was especially so because there are a number of communities on G+ that were relevant to my interests and the images uploaded. These aren't in other social media systems. It seems now, I can still do that, but only if I upload one photo at a time. I think I'll be using Flickr a lot more from now on. :(

You can post a message to a user right on their page now!  Yay!!

Yeah, I've been away a while.

The new logo... I like it.

Now I'll have to change the community picture, though.

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[might clean this up later, it's kind of ugly]

Never miss something fun/important again!  Learn how to use Notifications in G+!

First, did you know that you can get notifications for specific circles?  To do this, go to your main G+ "Home" page and find the bar at the top of the screen just below the search box.  It should start with "All" then after that are circles that you may or may not have moved in your People -> Circles page.  These are followed by More, Mentions and Explore.   If you don't see the circle you want notifications for between All and More, click More to see a list of all your circle.

Once you found the circle you want to enable notifications for, click it.  Your stream will change to only show that circle.  At this point you'll notice a box labeled "In this circle".  In the upper right hand corner of that box is a little bell icon and a gear.  The bell controls whether you receive notifications or not.  Click that so it turns red and says "On" if it isn't already.  That's it!

You can also click the gear to set whether posts from people in that circle show up in your stream and how often.

One thing you can do, for people who post too much for you, is put them in a "High Volume" circle and set it to NOT show up in your stream.  Then when you watch to check in on those people, you can just go to the circle. You might want to disable notifications for this circle though. 

Keep in mind that G+, I believe, goes with the lowest common denominator as far as visibility and notifications.  So if you have someone in a circle that has notifications disabled but also have them in a circle that has notifications enabled, you'll likely get notifications because at least one circle they're in gives you notifications for it's members.

Likewise in Communities, go to the community main page and look in the upper left, above the search box and community graphic and you should see a "Notifications" bell and a gear that work exactly the same as the one for circles.

[I should probably clean this up and make it all just an image for the short attention span people :)   Feel free to share this wherever though, I don't think enough people know how to control notifications and how helpful it can be for keeping tabs on fun things]
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I like how reposted messages are being displayed now; it's clear from a glance that it is a repost, and it's easy to see what part is from the original post.

They added the line telling you how many comments are on the original post right above where you +1, repost or comment -- a good place for it.  And if you click on that text, it takes you to the original post.

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Anybody hear anything about this policy change?
Read this please, and RESHARE this.
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There was a Better way to find post's that u have +1

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New feature alert -- this one sounds pretty good.  If you find a use for it, let us know what you think!

Via +Sallie Alys Montuori
For many people, gender identity is more complex than just "male" or "female."  Starting today, I'm proud to announce that Google+ will support an infinite number of ways to express gender identity, by giving you the option to customize the way your gender is represented on your profile. 

Previously, we provided options for “Male,” “Female,” and “Other,” to encompass both those who don't fit into the traditional gender labels and those who don't want to declare their gender to the world at large. Now, the gender field on your profile will contain four entries, “Male,” “Female,” “Decline to state,” and “Custom.”  When “Custom” is selected, a freeform text field and a pronoun field will appear. You can still limit who can see your gender, just like you can now. We’ll be rolling this feature out for all users over the next few days.

Many thanks to the people and groups who gave us advice on the best ways to do this. Your input has been really valuable to us, and we hope you like the result!

Hello, who thinks we should have separate "introductions" (aka G+ bios) for each circle and to the public? 

Call it method-easy for identity phonies or a confusing excess of options, but like real life we can't talk to everyone the same way. Even if it is online. (I see some holes in my case, though...)

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Looks like they've added the ability to display your community memberships on your profile page -- and you get to pick which ones show and which don't.  Not bad!
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