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Name: Elizabeth Midford
Age: 14
Sexuality: straight
Likes: cute things, Ciel.
Dislikes:not getting her way
Personality: Kind, cheerful, stubborn, brave
Appearance: Blonde hair and green eyes
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Name: Nami Hachiya

Gender: Female

Likes: Human Adults, Neatness, Cleaning Products

Age: 17

Grade: N/A

Power(optional): Hypnosis

Dislikes: Messes, Children


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I'm alone in the dark alleyway after being left there by some mean boys that thought it was funny to tease and torture me because of my tail and ears and that I had no master who wanted me. I was left in a small and thin coat in the rain in the dark alleyway (5th picture). As you are walking through the town because you needed to run some errands. While walking along the street and past the alleyway where I am you here something strange and went to look because you thought something was wrong, someone was hurt. You find me laying in the corner curled up and shivering from the cold rain. I have no collar or tag somewhere on me.

Name: I have no name
Gender: female
Species: neko
Age: 18 younger or older depending on your specifications
Grade: unknown
Sexuality: straight
Role: submissive neko without a master
Personality: caring, sweet, clingy, emotional, obedient, submissive
Likes: cuddles, rainy days, stuffed animals
Dislikes: being yelled at, hot weather
Bio: I have no family or friends. I have always been picked on and have had no one to take care of me and love me

(Rp on hangouts)
(Rp in the first person)
(You play my dominate and caring master: Sebastian)
(Try to have good grammar)
(No text talk)
(No one liners)
(Give me something I can respond to)
(Be somewhat descriptive)
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I don't know if I've posted one here yet, so

Name: Elizabeth Midford
Nickname: Lizzy
Age: 13
Race: Human
Description: Picture down below
Personality: "Well I'm a very happy person! I love all things pink and cute but the thing I love the most is Ciel's smile... I'm very open, optimistic, and energetic! Until you threaten anything that's dear to me. Do that and I'll take a rapier to your throat. Manga version Otherwise, things should go swell!"
Basic story: "Well I'm Ciel's first cousin and fiancee. He did disappear for a while...but then he came back! But he won't smile anymore...and I make it my mission to bring a smile to his face! The next part is only seen in the manga Well that's how it was... I just wanted to be a perfect, cute, affectionate, wife protected by Ciel. But that wasn't what fate wanted."
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Name: Sayuki Azumi

Gender Female

Age: 14

Species: Human

Personality: quiet, shy. cute/adorable/sweet, athletic, smart and mysterious

Likes: Her plush cat, Ciel, Sebastian, Jim and Luca Macken(childhood), singing, writing songs, playing piano/violin, drawing, cats, the stars, her parents and butler she lost, Gothic-Lolita(and other Lolita styles) , wearing chokers, her family, weapons, roses and other flowers, the moon and the stars

Dislikes: Kidnappers, perverts

Bio/Backstory: She is the royal child of the most known royal couple in japan...
She was with her parents in london to visit the queen(In friendship)...
...While walking she saw a tall strange looking man, she left the hands of her parents, followed the man until she lost him out of sight and no longer knew where she was ...
She lost her parents with 2 years and saw them never again...
A strange man appears, and kidnapped her...
A month later the police found the missing child with a tall, blond haired man, with blue eyes and a black suit beside her....
....He desspairs a few weeks later and a young man brings her somewhere it's safe.
One day she flees into the woods and found a small village. She meets two boys. Jim and Luca Macken. They played together all day until the man finds her and leaved. Two days later she came back and saw the village was burned to the ground. She cries and goes to the one place where they played together, and made 2 crosses out of boughs.
After her parents never heard of her daughter again...she was declared for dead.
Today she hides her real name and lives with Ciel Phantomhive in his Manor.

Drawings and characters by: me
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Rp anyone? I kinda want to do a Ciel X Sebastian Rp. Can turn into anything. I'm fine.

Note- I'll be playing Sebastian, I need someone who is decent at playing Ciel. Just please get Ciel's personality right.... (I hate it when people try Rping or writing a fan fic and they do the personalities wrong, it's so annoying.)

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It's the movie for black butler omg it's good
Check out this video on YouTube: Omg

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Name: Mari Ohara
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: human
Likes: Penguins,games, making jokes,making people smile, flowers, doing gardens,singing, making stuff
Dislikes: mean people, killers, losing, people touching her
Bio: Mari is a daughter of the owners to Ohara mansion. She loves helping people and making jokes a lot but if people touch her she will scream really loud making their ears bleed, she will only let the people she trust touch her, but she remembered when she was little she will always sing and make shows, so now she wishes to maybe be famous one day for her singing but of course her parents won't let her but she still wish
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((Open rp, this can turn into anything because I'm cool with anything. Looking for a Sebastian. Don't be afraid to join because you don't think your good at rping. I think you'll do fine and you don't have to act how sebastian acts. No rules, any amount of line or word replies is fine. Of you want to be discriptive please tell me :) )))

You Sebastian Michaelis was a mere acquaintance to the Phantomhive family. But there son was kinda turning rebellious and his parents couldn't control him. Now you see Ceil was smart so he knew how to bend the rules, but his parents can't control him. One day Ceils father offered you a job since the other butler quit since the other butler couldn't control Ceil. You acepted since it was good pay and how hard could it be to teach a teenage brat discipline and manners right? You were allowed to dress how you want to and make any type of punishment for ceil because Ceils parents were very desperate. His own mother even told you that you were allowed to slap ceil of he slapped you! You arrived with your stuff at the Phantomhive manner where the Phantomhive greated you. Well not ceil because he was in his room blasting music that could be heard from down stairs. Ceils parents looks stressed but you assured them you can try to teach ceil to behave
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