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Correo electrónico: duboischantalle0@gmail.com
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contacto whatzapp;+22 960094098
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please no more partisan wars which cost lives this is civil war without borders please Lord in the name of Jesus Christ please heal these tensions and please resolve the difficult situation in the Ukraine with swiftness please Lord please God bring us a miracle please believe in miracles with all of us please pray for miracles intercessory pray for miracles which pave the Golden Road of Unlimited Devotion please in the name of all that is Good miracles are real I have tangibly experienced very very many it is a miracle that we are existing right now and if all this could happen in such unbelievably mysterious and fascinating form then there is no reason not to believe that more and more miraculous manifestations of the Divine Great Spirit shall emerge and provide sustenance and healing which is Supernatural beyond our ability to understand the Universe is Multiversal and connections between stars and the entire Universe are affected by our actions if we send the signals all of Allah shall morph and transform and shift into a form which is not characterized by any violence please Lord end the Hot War which did not end with the falling of the Berlin wall was that one team overlording another by force the Land of the Free giving ORDERS?  Free Men do not take orders we interact with requests and agreements the United States has no right to attempt to enslave anyone ever in any region of the world in any form it appears that the man with the most powerful weapon wins and decides to enslave the other this has happened on earth for thousands of years in the name of Jesus Christ please discontinue these conflicts so that they are presented to our children as fairy tales of days of yore(pyrite) please let us enter into the thousand years upon thousands of years of voluntary Jubilation please in the name of Jesus Christ heal this situation let us celebrate our cultures and share the best parts of our lives with the world this is our time to reunite the human family after our journey out of Africa when we decided around the fire (probably) and decided to explore the globe into the wild not knowing the earth was round they ventured into outer space as far as they knew and they never knew if we would see each other again and we all explored and learned about plants and food and medicine and studied all the animals and fauna of every part of the earth and we can now have a big party with translation mouthpieces and we can express ourselves and find delight in the many super-efficient ways of doing things that other people have discovered learning all these things makes our lives so much easier and so much more fun and if we study the complexity of Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine and African Medicine and Amazon/S.America medicine and the fascinating medicine and mathematical systems of the Mayans at the Museum of Mayan History and Culture let us if we use government funds for anything let us employ the war machine with the same fortitude of tax money they every would have received during war and let's make clean plains and invest all that money in programs to fly every citizen to every continent all the time let us never work again with edible landscaping everywhere and machines and robots that do all our dirty work and let us dance and have fun and fly in new creative floating spaceships and let us figure out how to adjust our bodies to be inflated with light molecules which lift us up and lower our weight so that we can float like the first fish who found their air bladders let us please study the manner by which the something creature eats chlorophyl and incorporates it into its system so we can enjoy constant sustenance from the sun... all the industries which would be concerned about the changes if free foods replaced the money trade system would be rewarded with the money saved because in the name of Jesus Christ Mr. Vladimir Putin please make peace with us please pray to any angry or hurt or vindictive elements within thy nation and appeal to them that here stands an American who loves them as Christ loves them who sees them as brothers who doesn't care about economic overlording hoarders who are stuck in the coffers of their bank vaults unable to move all that energy which could swiftly transform the entire world into absolute paradise on earth as it is in heaven and they will ALWAYS be revered as noblemen and they will have the finest tomatoes and herbs and delicous foods sent to them artisinal from every corner of the earth like the Queen of Sheba (I think-from Torah) sent so many so many so many massively sustaining palattes of dates and wine and herbs and fruits and grains to give a beautiful feast for all of Israel because the Prophet (David or) had acted with generosity and humility and kindness with fasting principle always in mind and he was rewarded with paradise please those with billions of dollars please Apple I know I've been super ridiculously out-of-control seemingly threatening in a way that caused tremendous extreme measures to prevent what was a complete bluff I had no contacts with anyone who had any intention of independenting Texas or anywhere else and look at my history if it's there the people who expressed intent to overtake DC I strongly over and over and over used every last bit of my ability to influence to attempt to prevent them from using violence ever stating that violence is never the way and there are others who had intention to revolt and I also worked to muffle that and at Occupy Austin I was outspoken in raising awareness of the importance of not bringing negative focus to any one bank and seriously there were intense discussions about breaking windows and there was a lot of underlying spyaction with seeming with aftersight representatives of different banks hoping to direct public opinion against certain banks in superpowerful political moves from within the scene system.  I was outspoken against those who intentionally created a rift between the movement and the policemen who when the concerned citizens who sought to learn and study and converse about the manner by which we could prevent future financial problems the Police were very interested and they were very nice because they all knew people who had lost money in that grand calamity the fault of which lies on the shoulders of none which in the end was like a pruning of the nation and though some of the pruning honestly caused so much suffering that it influenced the lives of innocent puppies and pets who were unable to receive treatment or have nice food and didn't have roller devices to allow them to walk and glide when they wanted to with a secure brake system they could learn to use and if all that money was still there it would have been recklessly wasted to the point that the entire world would be buried in debt and the slathering of bills without consideration for price in the name of flaunting one's wealth was the name of the game and businesses encouraged people to splurge on things they knew they didn't need so now America has been punished for our lack of reverence for the divine blessings we have been given and now we are learning to give and share and devise systems of synergistic mutualism.  there will no longer be economies to crash!  we will use as currency those things which are most valuable we will have edible foods everywhere so we can all have meals together with the CEOs and the McD's bathroom cleaners and we can get McD's to grow the tomatoes on the roof and automatically grab them and toss one to u actually sliced sliced sliced with a nice not out-of-shape avocado sliced sliced sliced kinda surrounded by one of those Japanese rice paper devices replete with Locoto and Limon and Lima and special salts of your choice as we are riding our flying machines around playing games (bubblesurrounded impact-proof couldn't crash) all we have to do is fly by and say exactly what we want we could say I would like the same avocado thing surrounded by crystallized lattice of caramel or something (wouldn't mix so well but for something else) and Ronald McDonald will toss it right to you in just a minute prepared just for you... and the flying fields of chia and coca planted together will propel us we can use that oil for so may reasons and the flying chia carpets could be used to shade arid areas and in Texas maybe it is so hot we can speak to the system and request a little cooler here and maybe we would like some rain pouring down and the microblimpedges and crossbeams and thousands of propellers solar powered or gas powered why not up there in the air we can find a way to filter the exhaust and store it use it for something else... then we speak to it or write request by computer device however they will look and the carpet will morph in a way to serve the requests of each person in their specific areas to the best of its abilities... we can turn hills into ski resorts and we can build more and more neoprene surf zones and we can take Schlitterbahn to the Space Elevator level all for fun one of the zones is a pool of Absolut and one is a bubble with a bit of nitrous for those who sign the form and take the course and pass the health test but that is a tube type zone which is not a place where people can hang out for long time then they emerge into an eddy of Red Bull which tornadoes down into a mile-down free fall which eventually winds around and loops and it is malleable and will respond to requests kinda like flying a plane and if wished to connect to one continent's Bahnport the person could make that decision or the person or puppy dog or horse or monkey or kitty(maybe not that) could have their own versions and we can take the horses back to the plains where their ancestors roamed and we could take all the puppies back to their regions of origin so they could smell the smells and awaken their ancient memories of all the lovely times they had in the wilderness before whichever conditions of draught or fire or simply desire and curiosity to be a part of the neat things they saw (I think that's what Nonnie's ancestors did- they saw the neatness of China and the Palace of Gathered Elegance and they saw the: 

A. Meridian Gate
B. Gate of Divine Might
C. West Glorious Gate
D. East Glorious Gate
E. Corner towers
F. Gate of Supreme Harmony
G. Hall of Supreme Harmony
H. Hall of Military Eminence
J. Hall of Literary Glory
K. Southern Three Places
L. Palace of Heavenly Purity
M. Imperial garden
N. Hall of Mental Cultivation
O. Palace of Tranquil Longevity)

In the name of Jesus Christ:
This is a:
Prayer of Desperation to Christ Jesus and all the Wonderful World Leaders Who Would Not Have Ever Made Their Way Into Those Positions Were they not of Noble Blood Royal may imply bitter ignoble classism but Noble is Who Your Ancestors Were and Now is the Time Please to Dig Deep All of the Noble Leaders to Thine Ancient Pardoners Thine Ancient Noble Men Who Humbled Themselves Before God and Thus Were Blessed With Victory And Abundance this is True The Gene Pool is replete with shameful naughty acts and I believe that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and to me that is no different from Muslims praying to be brought back from the depths of self-imposed hell appealing to the Grace and Forever-Forgiving nature of Allah who is the Father of Christ who is Mary who gave birth to the Universe which gave birth to Adam and Eve please let us respect our ancestors our grandparents were friends way back and even way way way back but the fact that we live in different places doesn't mean we separated because of conflict please in the name of Jesus Christ heal Ukraine heal this nation heal our ills heal my myriad sins and ensure that my apologies and repentent humble request for forgiveness and cleansing is granted please Lord appeal to the compassionate nature of all the people I have offended so severely please Lord allow me an opportunity to continue my lucha para sanar y cada dia cada momento preguntar y solicitar a Dios a Allah a YHWH a la essencie de Dios del Universal Living Entity which is Live which exists on earth we are the living God because God is all and let us not trouble the waters please Lord let us present ourselves and always maintain consistent diligent vigilence in our compassionate forgiving giving hospitalitous deeds that we may always find favor in your sight... that our works may find favor in your site Lord almighty pureness of the beautiful harmonic Universe Lord Please Let Us Find Favor In Your Sight Please Send Us Miracles Abundant Miracles Abundant ameliorative anointation Lord Please Help Planet Earth Lord Please in the name of all the living beings who have chosen to unite into your spirit as the flesh and blood of the body of the living Christ Jesus please Lord please let all Christian soldiers devote their time in intercessory prayer without stopping until every child is comfortable with belly full and in good health please let us never take another drink until we have ensured that every person on the planet may enjoy the same luxuries if they wish yet let us Please Let Us Not Tempt Muslims By Blaring Our Nudist(not opining on this I think nice skirts short or not and I like to wear shorts but this is a different environment it's so hot over there and lotto time indoors in close vicinity shade etc. and coffee kinda encourages sweat  running down the chairs etc.) but Muslim Women are (arguably) much more comfortable they don't have to worry so much because their garments are simple and easyish) Culture Which Appears to Be Designed To Offend the Sensibilities of those who have still not evolved or have chosen not to move from the Victorian Era Please Let Us Not Tempt Muslims With Alcohol Let Us Let Them Have Their World Protected And Let Us Always Protect Them As They Protect Us and During the Peace Time there will be more opportunities for mathamatical advances of the Middle East and more beautiful architecture and reforestation systems major projects to cleanse the air and restore the forest which was eaten to sand by the lambs they chose to kill and see they kill the lambs the lambs kill the land and there is not forest where the forest once was please let us rebuild Iraq with major investments from Facebook and Apple and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Honorable Mr. Donald Trump (forgive me please for my comments which exposed the nasty wound on my hand) Please Lord Please Forgive Me Please Encourage Those Who Are in Conflict to Dig Deep Into their hearts to find the compassion and remember the ancient times and take a step back from the square and go watch the Olympics go skiing all Thee folks with tons of money let's just give everybody in the war zone an apartment and a free ticket to Sochi and gift cards to all the grocery stores and nice computers super nice TVs and nice headphones don't act like u are too poor to do it and what... u think at the end of the day your family will be remembered for having hoarded the most money or u think u will be remembered as a saint and your sons and daughters and descendants will rise to the top in every social arena because their parents gave them an everlasting paradise with ability to work and teach them not to fish but how to farm and how to grow their own vegetables please Uncle Sam let's investigate the recommended parenting techniques and let us discontinue this control that brings about hostile dependence, these gifts and donations which feed some but leave others in the dirt without the wonderful things like Google Maps and Google Translate and Get Smart for the Kids Every Episode Required 3rd Grade and Doug Funny is pureness without anyone chopping anyone's arms off back then that would have been a bit strange but we've lost site of our ancestry of ages past when we experienced peace and basically our lives consisted of feast to feast to festivel to feast to feast to feast to festival to relaxation mode after harvest exersion of energy strong from the work then we sit back and bask in the November Sacred Ones Summer SonLight as we indulge in out wonderful homegrown bacon-fruit and steak-squashes and the plants we teach to print out steak tartar then we have regular feasts with our neighbors and God-willing I'm not trying to brag and talk the talk or sabotage the operation because someone would want to knock it down if I held myself up without humility but this is a request to all of humanity to experiment with this system of sevens sent to seven seven artisanal locally produced items cosmetics energy bars WoW WaterTM necklaces coffee whatever we speak with local artisans and work out concepts say if u increased production where do you think people will most like and enjoy your products.  God bless Sir Mark Zuckerberg for having reinforced the region with funds though it seems he chose a side please Lord let those who have created these wonderful machines which have miraculously created metamanifestational megacapable of transforming has transformed will continue to transform the entire world eventually to Peace we are almost there and then we can visit all these lands and make friends with the people who had received misguided information or who had misinterpreted (which is super easy to do) signals which had convinced them that we are their enemies let us party like it's 2012 again and I actually made it to S.America with those computers to give to the Island to build the surf camp Please Lord Please Apple Please let our country round up all our old computers and drop them into the most impoverished areas of the world let them have our details let them see us let them understand who we are then they will see they will learn their eyes will open to the fact that they had been shielded from the entire West because of lack of information technologies and sometimes maybe leaders took advantage of that and convinced them to go to war in order to accomplish some geopolitical goal of the head honchos… Lord Please Let Us Send New Macs and a Bunch of New Awesome Black IBM Macintosh computers and lots of Google Chromebooks to all the people in Ukraine PLEASE Lord let us let it rain heaven upon these zones of conflict let us gather our finest goods and bake cakes and send jackets new ones and clean used ones we love maybe even send our favorite ones with a note about the time of your life when u bought it and the memories you had associated with it please let us send superfoods nobody is buying them because they are priced higher than tantalum and we are all in good health so why don't we just clear all the shelves in the natural foods stores and the big chain stores and start anew we can bless them with all the herbal remedies outfit them with aspirin and coffee and maybe a touch of etizolam maybe not because they might want more but WHO recommends it for all they call it Etilaam!  Maybe that is the solution and if everyone chose the peace frame of mind we might all be calm and collected we could take a plane and drop hundreds of packets of etizolam over there and send MDMA through appropriate channels let us use our entire database of psychedelic studies which have brought us so much understanding of the human mind please let us not forget the value of these materials which so so so so so so so many people around the world revere with a sense of awe because of the fascinating entheogenic experiences they experienced…   what more could we ask for than entheogenesis within the human body and spirit Please Lord Please Lord Please Mr. Putin (MBAPBUHA) please help us you are a miracle worker you can find a solution it is there u know it is there it is simple there exists the divine solution the divine solution the divine solution it is there there is always a way we would have thought of 10 years later and say what a shame we didn't just do that please Lord give us foresight let us see 50 years down the road what happened hear and how we healed the conflict Lord please please please please please please please help US please help all those who are worried about court systems and worries about reputations and worries about God forgive the thousands of young men and women who find themselves in similar situations please God Please God Please God Please God Please God Please God Please Lord help us Please Help Us Please Help Ukraine Please Let's Send Drone Burritos to all the people on all sides to the people in Ukraine please Lord let us send them silver coins and let us give them Acqua Panna and Topo Chico and TX Rainwater shipped over we have the Navy we can do it we have the Air Force what is it there for if not to protect national security and if this situation festers and this convict between US and Russia escalates we are looking at a situation where those planes may be up against Iran's superhyper jets and Russias muscular rigor and Chinas megaultramassive multitudes of fighter jets and their Navy is Strong and though no one is likely to ever overcome US if skirmishes develop into problems and if someone does something severe with an emotional hit or something that causes someone to bomb a building that causes retribution then the military gets involved to stop it but one soldier gets shot then his friends get upset and they kill the whole group of people who killed their friend then the EU sends in soldiers to protect the people they say were murdered by the Cossacks or whatever and then a friend of one of the higher-ups gets killed and then dark games get hot and people play clever chess and there are all kinds of weapons we don't know about on all sides and this could get nasty so US Navy US Marines US Army US Airforce I am not a commander or a General and my dishonorable transgressions deem me unworthy of any star on my shoulder but I am cleansed of my sins by the all-merciful nature of the living representation of YHWH who followed the code to the T and I am ever-able to humble request assistance for my brothers and sisters who are suffering in Ukraine and please Lord whatever is happening in Central Congo please in the name of Christ let us gather all our water filters let us go buy up everything we think will help this will SUPERBOOST the American economy!   and then this will give all the companies a minute to adjust the ingredients based on new revelations which help us understand the best way to nourish ourselves and it would be a super awesome jubilation for everyone it is time to clear the shelves with all we've got all the medicine all the herbal tinctures all the essential oils all the ointment to anoint these regions we can send them ice machines we are RICH and the whole world is RICH we have tons of money we are replete with hoarded stashes of rotting cash please Lord Please Lord I beg you to inspire in the hearts of anyone who sees this to roll with it and trust in the most high and do whatever u can to donate one item if it's all u have we all have too much stuff let's send what we don't need they will like our funky clothes that don't fit they will be weird and cool how do we get the goods there how do we do this Please Lord in the Name of Christ Jesus Heal this situation however it may be healed please Lord heal the Congo situation please let us send masses of CCC soldiers into Africa to build stone-rock crystal clean aqueducts what are we too wimpy to be able to build aqueducts that's silly.we can use our hand and our backers to build permaculture institutes with Tierra and we can make this happen and no one will lose at all no one will lose I promise the rich will be completely surrounded by divinity and serenity and they will be lauded by the entire world.  they will be surrounded by the most delicious food and we can build thousands of vineyards I mean we can make wines out of new fruits we've never seen before we can create meals o man we can do anything we are super smart humans look what we've done compared to how things were in 1888 dear Lord thank u for the Coca thank u for the amphetamines and the hallucinogens which indeed did propel this society into this massive technological not-a-monstrosity but a heaven-on-earth almost there situation… going so fast we overlooked a few things kinda hazy and now we need to listen to Mound.  The end rewinds to the beginning and we are born again zooming out of the womb that is the time that has surrounded our life we emerge and see there is a clear path to victory here and there in Central Republic of Congo and everywhere we can work together we can walk in faith that our miraculous minds can manifest miraculous festivities that are so fabuloso that people wouldn't want to miss it for any silly fighting… I'd rather take a 1 hour flight to the moon and have dinner with my wife in that 1.622 m/s² gravity bound around a bit maybe sample some moon rocks or other salts possibly we can plant sassafras would be interesting to see how the Mother Vine would find a way to alchemize such material into wondrous formulations… As my friend L said all you need is dirt to make many many vitamins and medicines… if the plants can do it we can turn that dirt into amazing structures like the plants… I want a plant which grows rooms with strawberries and goji berries and all manner of peppers and tomatoes and pears and melons and papaya and Pure Guava streaming whenever and all these nice things growing in the green walls which light up thanks to fish light-up technology and they become like biointegratedwithtechnology homes…

Well I'm upset because I overloaded my browser and it decided it was smart to shut down which was probably good so this ending is not quite as snazzy as the other one and the writing part of my brain is a bit exhausted so I'm going to go ahead and send this one and maybe it will find its way to Ukraine and maybe u guys will get out there and buy up the shelves of superfoods if we give all we got then the stores will give to us we will have community pot-lucks actually we won't starve just a few items each for comfort and joy for all sides Please God Let Us Gently Rain Heaven Upon Ukraine and the Central Republic of the Congo Please President Barak Obama Please I beg of thee I know you are the Dude who can make this happen Sir u like Si maybe daughters would be counselors for Heart.

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