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Name: Lily & Lance Aries (photo 1)

Age: 17

Gender: female & male (humans)

Lily: Kind, sweet, gentle, and bullheaded

Lance: Emotionless, annoyed, but kind

Lily: manga, books, reading, writing

Lance: writing music, music, singing

Dislikes: Both: being alone

Back Story: They both grew up in the human world. Then one day all of a sudden a portal opened to the underworld and somehow they ended up going through it. So by accident they both ended up in the underworld.

Name: Daniel Dracson (photo 2)

Age: unknown ( looks 18)

Gender: male (vampire)

Personality: Distant and dislikes humans to the core. Only thinks of them as food.

Likes: Blood and books

Dislikes: Humans

Back Story: One of the richest kids in the underword.

Name: Hella Death (photo 3)

Age: unknown (looks around 16 or 17)

Gender: female

Personality: Well is bullheaded and serious, but face always looks sad or mad, but it hides emotions and what she is thinking.

Likes: The color red

Dislikes: unknown

Back Story: Grew up in the underworld. She is the ruler of the underworld's daughter.
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I walking along bored as ever. Wishes her father would talk to her. "I don't want to be the princess anymore." sighs

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Name: Vanre Sky

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Caring, Usually quite silent,

Likes: Books, animals, Water

Dislikes: Fire, Smoke, rude people

Family line: doesn't know of one.

Siblings: None


Back Story: Was abandoned when 2 years old and was taken up by an old man. Later on, Venre decided to work on his skills he had but wanted to keep them secret so he ran away and hid in the forest training.

I walked on looking around taking in the beauty of the room, I say nothing as I walk around, the air becomes cold, you can see your breath. As I look around my glaze is cold with no emotions

If anyone else wants to put up a role play profile they can.

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Name: Scarlett Dragonborn

Age: 18 Human Years

Gender: Female

Race: Dark Winter Fairy

Family: Younger Sister Who Is A Good Winter Fairy. Dragon Mom. 2 Dragon Brothers And One Younger Dragon Sister.

Likes/Dislikes: She Likes And Hates Everything, She Could Care Less. But he When It Comes To Her Dragon Family She Loves Them to Death.

Bio: She Was Thrown Away Because She Was Different, Her Mix Match Eyes Gave Away Everything (Left Gold, Right Purple). Good Fairy's Could Never Love Dark Fairy's, A Family And Line of Good Fairy's Giving Birth To a Dark Fairy Would Ruin There Whole Lives. A Black Dragon Found And Took Care Of Scarlett.
Scarlet Comes From The Color Running Cold In Her Vains (Her Blood Is Not Red But Only She Knows That), Dragonborn Comes From Having A Dragon Family. Because of Growing Up With A Black Dragon, She Can Speak Dragon, She Can Do Some Dragon Moves Like, Blizzard Breath, Dark Claw, And So On. Her Fairy name is "Dragon Whinter." Once She Hit 18 Human Years Dragon Mom Flew Away, Leaving Her 4 Kids On There Own, So Scarlett Went Around The World Till She Found this place.

So i havve a question
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