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Agito was walking through he's city, Village in the mountains, making sure everything was peaceful. It was that time when 10 people had to be  chosen. As he walked he started to worry if the people who still haven't gone onto the train were ready. So he decided to send someone who would be able to go to the place and back safely without disturbing the natural order of life. It was troubling him about who should go. He sat in the very core of the city. A place with a old temple where he would meet up with the speaker of the forest. No one besides those enhanced were allowed this temple. Then he got a message from one of the guards someone has come to visit the city.

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Age: unknown
Species: Sleg
Personality: Agressive and proud
Description: Green scales, Red armor, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, lizard like, Height 7 feet
Skills: Strong, good at commanding
Weapons: his claws
Position: Lord
Likes: Slegs and his army
Dislikes: humans mainly, other species minorly

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City name: Sleg base
Leader: Lord Tyrannis
Size: Small
Allies: None
Enemies: Generaly other species
Description: An outpost set up by the Slegs. It is made up of gaurd towers and posts with walls and checkpoints surrounding one central structure.

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Name: Sleg Infantryman
Age: 16
Species: Sleg
Personality: Agressive and proud
Description: Red scales, black armor, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, lizard like
Skills: marksman, stealthy
Weapons: sniper rifle, grenades, tech goggle, standard issue rifle
City: Sleg Base
Position: Sniper, saboteur, infantryman
Likes: Slegs and his army
Dislikes: humans mainly, other species minorly
Bio: Hatched and was recruited at age 6 spent 6 years training. Now does missions for the Slegs.

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Denthil Thomas wanders the desert aimlessly. Not feeling the heat or thirst or hunger, Denthil looks to the east at a city, his curse having kept him alive long enough to see the rise of the city and knowing that it will keep him alive long after the fall of the city. His cloak, usually still, writhes and roils as though something underneath it were moving around. He speaks, his voice whispering and echoing as though emenating from a deep abyss. The sound causes a snake nearby to scurry away. People. People who can feel the movement of time. He shakes his covered head, looks up at the blazing sun, and walks north. Blast those people... Don't they know what I've done for them? Then again, my actions have probably faded into myth by now... He continues walking, his long robe erasing all trace of him from the sand, and looks back south. He sighs and looks back up at the sky You're getting old, Denthil. Reminiscing about the past, hoping for another grand battle. His mind wanders back to a time long forgotten in a land long lost to the world. The screams of the damned and dying, the battle cries of the desperate, the weeping of the hopeless, all echoing through his memories, mixing with the sound of the clang of swords locking in battle, canons firing, explosions blowing people and buildings to smithereens, all while huge and terrible monsters sweep swathes of the enemy to the void. He comes back from his memories just as he leaves the desert, entering a forest near the sea. He sighs once again and continues walking

After a long intense training amassing for over 10 years at the silver City with the angels, Rylan goes home,feeling wise to go back

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(Here's my last character for a while)

Name: Denthil Thomas

Age: Unknown due to the fact that his 'curse' keeps him from aging

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown but it is said that he was once human

Personality: perpetually depressed and constantly looking for a way to remove his 'curse'

Powers/Magic: Denthil is a powerful summoning wizard, using his magic to summon creatures from other planes of existence

Weapons: None

City you live in: None, his city fell many centuries ago

Position within the city: N/A

Bio: Long ago, Denthil was a king's main battle mage. Using his great knowledge of magic, Denthil brought many victories to his king, summoning incredibly strong creatures to fight for him. These creatures would slaughter the enemies of the king within moments, breaking the will of the other soldiers. But, Denthil summoned one too many creatures, and in the end, transformed his body into a hideous amalgam of writhing tentacles. He now hides his body and face under a cloak and mask and keeps well away from others. His voice, once authoritative and proud, is now nothing more than a disgusting, whispering sound, as though he were speaking from a deep, dark trench.
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Seems like a cool RP. I'll make my profile soon.

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(Work in progress)
"I'm gonna be the strongest warrior this world has ever seen!"

Name: Sera Soutuma

Age: 15

Race: Half Human, Half Demon

Gender: Female

A shy and kind individual, Sera rarely talks to the poeple around her and mostly stays quiet. For this reason, much things surrounding her past are mysterious, and not many know her that well.

Master Of Ninjutsu (the original non magic stuff)
Enhanced Bite
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Accuracy

Yin&Yang Manipulation

Cursed Eye:
Users eye is cursed with the ability to do psychological and sometimes physical harm to others if looked into directly. However, the user, upon prolonged use or showing of their eye may develop harmful health problems, or even lose the eye itself, or even death may occur from prolonged usage along with many other affects. This is why the user must be careful with usage and only use the eye when they are sure to need. Eye powers may go around from spatial warping to simple illusions. Sera's eye can distort space to attack. Opponents of high willpower, intelligence or creativity can resistant or unaffected. In the case if blind opponents, they are completely immune.
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