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Do you know who built the Dark Portal? When it was used and by who? What where the consequences? In my #worldofwarcraft dark portal video i share all this with you and much more

I was just listening to your Episode, and I only want to do dungeons by just playing the game and trial and error.  (just like quests)

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You may not be my battle net friend any more & that's OK - and here's why: A Pre Warlords Cleanse

So, you may be one of the people who noticed, or didn’t even notice ;)) That I dropped just about everyone on my Battle Net friends list today. Yup. There are a select few left, but not many! I have let WAY too many people get ‘in’ my game, and the best…

Due to very many reasons:
1) Illness
2) A few people letting me know they're unavailable
3) A few people letting me know they have expansion fatigue
4) The excitement of the 10GB pre-patch download

I - together with the Official Figurehead Leader of the #Entitlement   raid team +Molsan Method - decided to cancel again tonight.

I know this upsets the hardcore bunch of us - but I don't have the energy to replace two healers (one I can replace but would mean missing one of our top two dps), forcing my husband to play WoW, replace two others who are at the same place we are - 

I DO however, encourage those of you who would like to continue to do so. Get her done :)

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      Molsan, Pancake, and I showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed at the correct time and polished off the Heroic Stormstout Brewery achievements required for Glory of the Pandaria Raider this morning. Success! We even tossed hammers into the rafters,…
Sunday Morning Achievement Report!
Sunday Morning Achievement Report!

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Zbornaak will see you tonight.

#Entitlement is really fortunate to have two awesome tanks. I love both @DanielBrewer and @Molsan's tanking. I can DPS at will.

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Hey #Entitlement  Raiders! Please feel free to link this post to anyone whose personal info I either don't have or if I haven't put the character and the name together.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night! Our first full clear of a wing of Siege of Orgrimmar! Woot! 

I know there were some excited voices saying we could start on SoO2 on the 25th.  We feel like we could have been more organized and 'raid leadery' on Friday, and would therefore like to give it one more go. Hopefully everyone understands that we just want it to feel smooth before continuing on. 

We are lucky to have a lot of knowledgeable and experienced raiders with us. The downside to this, of course, is that there are many leaders and that doesn't always work well. Hopefully, we will get that straightened out next week. Advice and ideas are helpful of course, but not necessarily until the first idea has failed.

Thanks so much! I hope I didn't turn anyone off! See you next week!

Oh and look what I got today!
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