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All fanart (so far) by Gracie Hyde
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Fanart of Cody and Neil by Gracie Hyde

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Fanart if Michelle by Gracie Hyde

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Fanart of Fate by Gracie Hyde

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Link to this very book on Wattpad, I update chapters on there before posting them on Google plus
There has been a mishap, with Abbi finally in control of the Phoenix … #fantasy #Fantasy #amreading #books #wattpad

Just in case you want to read it...

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I very much wish I could take both of these pills and make my characters live. Both pills. Omnomnom

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reposting this really quick

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picture for 3rd chapter, it's a hint ;)

When there's a star between two different hosts it means "and" or "it changes to this host at this start or break in the story". sorry it's been a while to post it keep forgetting to convert it from wattpad over to google+

Chapter 3: A Start - Host: Cody * Zuko

Even though I acted calm I was angry and desperately wanting to come home on the inside. I wanted to run home and pretend all of this never happened, NO cousins, NO dimensional stuff, and NO mist. I wanted to go home. But this was real, and I had to do this in order to get home. The shadow hunter had just rose up and had spoke to us saying that it would help which I was glad for. I but that shadow hunter's voice sounded a lot like Abbi's which I was kinda suspicious of. Speaking of Abbi, I did believe she was my cousin and I do sorta remember having a cousin on a boat ride. Going through the mist refreshed that memory but blocked alot of the other ones but I guess it was for the best anyways.

Then the Shadow hunter started to say "The thing you need to find to get Zuko back is a sword from his dimension, it's why Zuko was brought here in The first place: to retrieve the sword. The sword also has a powerful charm on it and cold be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Also the longer that sword and Zuko is here the more our dimensions will collide and more things will start coming through on both sides. So suggest finding and getting the sword back A.S.A.P." That's right I remember, I have a chaotic, evil, and devilish sister who I couldn't remember the name of but I knew she had a very rare power in controlling lighting. I shivered slightly as I imagined someone like that coming over to this dimension and meeting Abbi, that would be bad. "The sword has disguised it's self as a less powerful looking katana, but despite it's disguise it was stolen from the facility I- I mean Abbi escaped from. It's also the same one Heynin scratched you with Abbi." The shadow hunter added. What the shadow hunter jut said made me even more suspicious I'm pretty sure Abbi is not the kind of person who would go around telling everybody around her, her personal past and I'm also fairly certain none of us here had even met this shadow hunter before so how could she know that Abbi was kept at a facility. I had alot to learn.

"Ugh, not Heynin." Abbi groaned. I also had no idea who Heynin was but I assumed this person had to do with her background story and would be someone who wouldn't be willing to cooperate easily. I'm not sure I trusted this shadow hunter.

"Anything else you want to know." Asked the shadow hunter who was obviously now bored. "Yea, where's the sword?" Asked Neil. "Did you not hear me? I said it was stolen and you have to find it yourself. I wold start searching at the last place you saw it which probably as the facility. I can't tell you anymore than that. I got to go, good luck, you'll need it." she exclaimed then melted into a shadow and ran away. "Welp, it's settled we'll go to Heynin and tell him what he did with the sword." said Cody confidently. "Are you crazy?! Heynin is dangerous and we can't just ask him where the sword is expecting him to answer." Michelle protested. "I agree with her, and plus how do we even know we can trust that shadow hunter or whatever you call that person that was just in here." I said. "We can trust her I've trusted that shadow hunter before and she's good, and sure we can ask Heynin, we just need a bit of force." Cody said casually and Neil nodded in agreement. "Well it's settled! I'm staying here with Crystal, and you guys go deal with Heynin!" said Cody happily. "Why aren't you coming?" Abbi asked. "I've got things to discuss and test out with Crystal, don't worry. Also don't forget to bring Heynin!" Cody replied. Abbi looked unsure for a moment then shrugged and went out of Crystal's place followed by Neil, Michelle, and myself. I wondered what Heynin would be like.

(host is now Cody) * * *

As soon as they left I ran down to the blacksmith's room in Crystal's home and felt around for the hidden button on the wall that opened up the passage to her secret lab. "Hey what do you think your doing?!" Crystal exclaimed as she ran down the stairs close behind me. I ignored her and then rested my hand on the button then pressed it and the secret passage that led to Crystal's lab opened up revealing white corridor. I was about to go in when suddenly Crystal blocked me by getting in the way of the passage. "You can't just walk in here!" Crystal said. I surveyed her, she had thick dark brown hair that was always tied in a loose braid and draped across her shoulder, she also always had some sort of black mark of soot on her to represent that she had been working that day. Crystal wore some piece of her own jewelry that ached her green eyes, dirty pale blue jeans, sometimes had a tool belt around her waist, a dirty white tank top, and leather combat boots. She was also fairly tough for a girl her age (which was about 18ish). "Of course I can." I responded after surveying her. Then tried to duck under her outstretched arms but she blocked me again.

"Hmm.." I said then thought about how I could get past her. Simple. I pressed on her certain pressure points on her shoulders causing her arms to lower. Then I was able to pass her. Crystal rolled her arms and shoulders and said "Owe, How'd you do that? Do you have like super strength or something? I mean I know i was one of my pressure points but I mean come on it shouldn't have hurt that much." "Kinda, I'm half cyborg. Well at lest some parts of me are." I explained to Crystal. "Whoa that's pretty cool." I Crystal said as we approached the doors to her lab. "I'll let yo in if yo promise not to break or mess up anything." Crystal said as she inserted a key card t the bottom of the locked doors. "Why would I want to destroy anything? I'm gonna see what can help us look for the sword and get Zuko back." "Well you could've just asked me and I probably would've let you come in here without me having to block your way, and also I'm trusting you so you better not break anything." The doors opened and as soon as they did I knew I was in heaven. I didn't respond to Crystal an immediately started to look around with wide eyes.

Her lab was a white room with a metal shelf with a mini fridge in the corner. In front of me there was a work table with a wheelie chair and shelves that held different shades of many different types of jems that did not look like they were common. There were test tubes, and practically everything you needed for a science lab including a bigger glass test chamber for testing that might explode. There was also a metal bed rest which mostly just had other science supplies on it, and a spider made out of jems. The spider interest me the most and was about the size of a tarantula and was living. "Look around and examine what you want but I'm very strict about the fridge." Said Crystal. I didn't eat normal food but despite that I told her "Ok." Then I heard beeping so I turned around and saw the Jem spider had moved and also now had a mini camera on it's back. "Wait did you just scan me?" I exclaimed. I turned back around and saw Crystal typing on her computer "Yep, I thought I would for info on you and since you scanned me." Then I remembered she didn't have that advanced technology to reveal that much about me except what was there which eased me.

"Oh ok, that's fine." I said. I looked around the lab again and set my eyes on the bigger testing chamber. Then noticed there was a pillar inside it. My mechanical eyes scanned that the pillar had a powerful and old Jem inside of it. I decided to scan the test of the lab. Then opened a drawer that was part of the work table and saw explosive silly string. Then opened the one below that and saw dust balls that could zap you when rubbed and thrown. In another drawer their were bottles of that powder that Heynin used to put Rouge and Avalanche in a trance so he could capture them. Crystal probably studied it then replicated it. It brought back memories. I remember ease dropping on a conversation rouge and Heynin had back in the facility when rouge was still in her cage. Heynin was asking her to join him because together they could be powerful and blah blah blah stuff like that. A classic villain move that I knew all to well and would probably end up with one or the others betrayal, probably Heynin's first.

I looked through more of the drawers as I shook off the memory and in the drawer I was looking in now had different colored jems that if you smashed them they could make you do all sorts of stuff like levitate, have night vision, blend into your surroundings, have gills, ect. Then above the work table their were potions that hung on shelves that did the exact same things for every crystal that was in the drawer I had just been looking in. Crystal saw me looking and smiled and said "My favorite is the jolt potion." I looked at the jolt potion and read the description"brings you back to your senses when in a trance or in a state of unconsciousness." "Whoa cool, mind if I keep some?" I asked. "Sure, go right ahead I have plenty extra of each." "Thanks." I said as I held as many as I could carry and stored them in some ofy mechanical compartments that came with me being half cyborg. I kinda felt a bit guilty taking alot of her stuff so I said "Hey Crystal, have you ever tried to make Jem animals bit as mythical creatures?" She looked at me with a wondrous look on her face. "No I haven't, I'm not that good at sustaining the form, the bigger they are the more harder, plus I need one of Michelle's moonbeams to make the Jem animal come to life." "Well today's your lucky day because I know how you can sustain the form better and how to create more of a variety of Jem animals." "Y-you mean your going to teach me?" Asked Crystal with high hopes. "Yep." I smiled and went over to her and prepared to teach her a few tricks I just so happened to know.

(Host now Zuko) * * *

As soon as we left Crystal's shop Michelle started, and wouldn't stop,b blabbing about Heynin. " and Cody are crazy! Do you know how dangerous he is?! How can we even trust him?! How are we gonna force him when he has forced us many times!? Neil are you sure you got this all under-" "Michelle please stop I'm sure Neil's got this all under control." I cut off annoyingly. Plus Abbi looked like she was having a bad memory from what Michelle was saying. Michelle shut up immediately which created an awkward silence through the group. Then Abbi finally spoke "How'd you get in last time Neil?" Neil answered Abbi's question by pulling off his hat and taking out a key. (A faint white glow minutes from his hat when he pulled put his hand inside) Then we approached the gate to a huge place that had a castle like texture and looked old but like alot of money had been spent on it.

Neil stuck the key in the key hole, it clicked, and the gate opened. We walked into the building on a nice green path. The inside was more nice then it was outside and was extremely big. "What's this place even for?" I asked while looking around. "There's someone here that can help you control your power and get you used to it. Not all people have control over there power so they come here seeking for help. Some join for other reasons..." Abbi responded. I found that really interesting since in my dimension you either didn't have an ability, or you did. You could take training to get good at it but I had never heard of anyone that couldn't control there power. At least not anyone I had heard of, actually maybe there is one but he seems to be the hardest to remember. Turns out the mist had altered my memory quite a bit.

We went to a pair of metal doors with a small panel on the wall beside it with an up and down arrow. "It's an elevator." I thought. Wait how did I know that? We didn't even have "elevators" in my dimension, did we? Guess they had bigger technology here then I thought.

Michelle pressed the down arrow on the panel, the doors opened, and we went inside. It kinda freaked me out at first when it started moving. "Never ridden in an elevator before?" Abbi asked. "No, we don't have elevators in my dimension." I said in slight embarrassment. Michelle smiled slightly but Abbi just lightly shrugged "Eh, I don't blame you." She said. The elevator made a "ding" noise and it opened and revealed a dark ish hallway. We stopped at a door that was on the side of the hallway and just as Neil was about to open it with his key he turned and said. "Be careful and get ready, he could use his power at anytime." "Who is this guy? He's gotta be tough if everyone here is taking him seriously." I thought to myself. I found myself tensing as Neil opened the door. I was ready to summon fire at anytime and Abbi's hands were clenched and had an orange glow to them. Michelle's hands also had a strange glow that was a white-ish purple color. Then I went in the cell with Abbi and approached him.

Heynin had his back turned and was sitting down, he looked bored and tired from where I was and didn't look like to much if a threat. He had brown, thick, naturally spikey hair. He wore he wore long, blue jeans, a white T-shirt, and a thin plaid open jacket with colors that ranged from red, green, brown, and white. It would've been something you would wear to school if not for all the rips and dirt stains on it. "Relax, I'm not going to do anything." Heynin said. Usually I would immediately assume he was lying but he sounded really like he actually wasn't going to do anything. But I knew better than to let my guard down, and from the looks of it, so did everyone else around me. The cell he was in was actually not that bad, but it looked like an old huge storage room for keeping their "technology".

*"We need your help, and no you don't have a choice" Abbi stated. Heynin stood up and looked over his shoulder. His eyes were narrowed as he said with evil in his words "I knew it, I told you." Then he smiled. Thus guy was kinda creeping me out now. He even looked extremely evil (and also a girl magnet) "I'll help you but you have to do something for me in return." I went up to him and he showed no sign of fear. I lit my arm on fire and held it close to his neck while behind him, making sure any move am his knock would be sliced with a fiery burn. "We'll let you love house that." I said making it clear we were in charge of him, not the other way around. He narrowed his eyes, frowned and looked at me. "You'll think of something, since you don't know if you can trust me, also you need me alive or else you would have killed me by now." 'so this guy isn't dumb' I thought to myself.

"Your not from around here are you?" Heynin asked looking back at me. "No." I answered with narrowed eyes also. "Hm," he said then looked at Neil. "Well what are you waiting for? Let's get going and lead me out here!" He ordered. I growled slightly at this and I could tell Heynin liked it. "Try any thing and-" "Yea, yea, I know." He cut off. I really didn't like this guy so far. I let Heynin go and he smirked slight which made me think he had something planned.*

Suddenly there was a big flash of white light and a "whoosh" noise and Cody jumped out of the light and rolled onto his face. Everyone jumped back, startled (except Heynin who was behind us). Then Cody got up just as quick brushed his pants off and looked around. "Yes it worked!" He said with pride. "Come on, we'll use this to get Heynin, and all of us, back to the lab." Cody added and held up a clear-misty white crystal. "Oh yea one more thing." Then took out a whipped cream bottle, shook it, and sparks it around Heynin which pinned his arms to his side and turned to metal. Heynin growled quietly but said nothing. Then Cody smashed the clear crystal on the ground and mist came out and swirled all around us. Then their was a blinding flash of white light that engulfed all of us. It kinda made me frantic because once it engulfed all of us I couldn't see anyone. I looked around then held still and then from where I was looking Heynin faded into view. We started at each other for a moment and then almost out of no reason what so ever, I started to hate him. The hate grew and soon I loathed everything about him. He had an emotion I couldn't read as I balled my fists. Then he to was engulfed in white light and I could no longer see.

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The stone from chapter 14: stone and school. The first book. Fanart drawn by +Elizabeth Butcher
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