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An incident left him with a sad memory, while he was seeking support for his invention in 2015. He had put up an online crowdfunding campaign to raise 20 million naira from Nigerians, but he was only able to raise 30 thousand naira. The same campaign was done in the US and he was able to raise 1,500 dollars. However, what really made him feel bad was the negative comments some Nigerians made, that he wanted to rip them off.

READ more about Ayokunle and his invention, the 'NEPA-less' Pressing Iron >>>

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Why Africans must tell their own Story

"We need to create games with an African context. In 2009, a review of 150 games showed that only 10% of characters were black and of these, 80% were either gangsters or athletes in one form or another. When you lift up the covers of what is the game industry, you find out that it is predominantly white. 85% of people who work in the gaming industry are white males. The remaining are blacks...." -Bayo Puddicombe, ChopUp Games.

READ what happened at the alternative conference, #Alterconf Lagos, where Bayo dropped this interesting statistic.

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My pride and joy written by yours truly; Who Am I in Christ. The book that spiritually transformed my life. I thank God for enabling me to see beyond my physical eyes!

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Hi All

So, I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kiewiet, your self-publishing Birdy. I aim to enrich our country's writing culture. If you are a writing and looking to get published in SA, visit my website.

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Writing Competition...

Yes, that's what I said. It rather simply and entry is FREE! Just check out the link to get started.

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Hey guys, if anyone is looking for a cabin for camp nanowrimo I am running one this year. just let me know your username and I will add you. ps. we have marshmallows

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Five days till the release of Free Radicals: Part One! Sign up for my mailing list and get a copy of Chapter one! Here is a small excerpt. I hope you enjoy. :) 

"Ninkum shuffles into a cramped office. A small desk is stuck on one side and a large black board covered in diagrams dominates the other wall. Every possible corner is jammed with odd contraptions sprouting steam chutes, chimneys and gears. Lots and lots of gears. Ninkum retrieves his lunch bag from a pocket and hastily plonks it down on a free corner of his desk. The movement causes some pages to shift and Ninkum mutters a curse as his eyes catch a phrase on a now exposed letter.

“...concerned by the high mortality rate of Steamatic Students….”

“Pah!” Ninkum says as he waves the letter away. What did they know anyway? Steamatics is a new and dangerous branch of science. Of course there are going to be fatalities." 

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I'm not the first person to say this, but when the internet bombards us with stories of how awesome everyone else is, it needs repeating. Let's all focus on the Small Wins. It's the only way we get things done. 
Small Wins
Society at large has taught us to focus on the big moments, the big wins, the shiny end goal. We are bombarded with stories about this 10 year old genius or that overnight success and it causes us to focus on just one aspect of accomplishments, the conclusi...
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