Hello all! I am conducting field work for a consumer behavior
class. Could you please help me out by taking this brief 7 question
survey? Thanks in advance!

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Qatari in-mall walking / Caminhada dentro do shopping no Qatar

Interesting solution to make people work out a little bit: make them use the ressources they already use, as the mall. In Rio de Janeiro, that's been the success of the elderly workout machines located in the parks and at the nearest square.

Solução interessante para fazer as pessoas malharem um pouco: faça-as usar oss recursos que já usam, como o shopping. No Rio de Janeiro, esse tem sido o sucesso das máquinas de ginástica para terceira idade localizadas nos parques e na praça mais próxima.


I have a client whose business - by nature deals with people in a highly aroused emotional state. Their clientele often make purchasing decisions that have unforeseen and long-lasting impact. These decisions can lead to two very different problems which are distressing for their own reasons. Problem 1) Sometimes people make a commitment to spend much more than they can afford. This leads to: a) Decreased satisfaction after a return to a “cold” state b) a stressed and stressful relationship between business and consumer c) business planning and management stress (due to high accounts receivable and large amounts of noncollectable debts) yet by law they can't require payment for services in advance.  Problem 2) People usually choose to pass on an optional add-on purchase that is a very nominal price increase (about 2% in comparison to the total expense). However this one add-on increases long term customer satisfaction very significantly. As the industry has some stringent regulations the add-on needs to remain optional. I recommended mitigating problem 2 by making the default to purchase the add-on with a very clear and easy opt-out. Problem 1 however, is difficult because the purchase is often an unplanned expense and the client is forced into a major purchase, with a short decision window, during a highly emotional time. Any guesses as to the industry?

Is anyone else taking other courses, even if you aren't trying to get  certificate? If so I think it would be fun to see if there are similarities in learning topics (or even career paths) among people who took this course. For example, I am co-owner of a web, 2D/3D computer graphic & animation studio and am learning about:

1. Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part II on Coursera

2. Child Nutrition and Cooking on Coursera

3. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The 1st Step in Entrepreneurship on Coursera

4. First-Year Composition 2.0 on Coursera

5. A Crash Course on Creativity on Venture-Lab.org

6. Ruby on CodeAcademy

7. Ruby on Rails at RailsForZombies.org

8. Ruby and Ruby on Rails at CodeSchool.com

Is anyone interested in another hangout?

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This article came from an industry magazine (Website Magazine). I was surprised to see that every problem addressed was covered in our course. It's amazing how much the material keeps popping up and how completely relevant it is to my everyday life!

I just had a funny experience. I went to see a musical, and at intermission realized that the lead was being played by a standby rather than the regular leading actor. Suddenly, I liked the actor less, and felt a little "cheated" I didn't get to see the regular guy. But that was silly: if I hadn't discovered he was the standby, I never would have complained about him- the guy was doing a great job! A little irrational of me, right? :) But shows how consumers can be biased when they find out what they're buying isn't QUITE what they expected (even when it's a great quality product!)
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