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Talk like a Pirate Day ~ get into the spirit... or spirits! grin
Ahoy there, me hearties!
Aye, it's Talk like a Pirate Day once again and as luck would have it, I discovered the perfect little place to get into the mood ~ Ultima Thule @ Tangle Grid

Enough ships to poke a stick at, pirates and other shady consorts around most corners (but mainly to be found in the bars and pubs!) and loads of whimsical details. One rather ruthless lad sent me in right direction until I found what I was looking for (Rum, of course!).
There are even a few freebie boxes with assorted goodies to be "looted".

Sadly, I didn't find me a pirate hat, but I did settle back after securing a nice barrel of Smuggler's Rum and enjoyed the atmosphere in style!
Shiver me timbers... grab your skull 'n' crossbones and sail on over to: Thule

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NEW MEMBERS AREA: The new members' area is up and running. If you have any problems please contact me. We can't check everything. lol PLUS the NEW Forum and Ticket system. PS You MUST register with your Avie Name & Password PLEASE.

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It's time to get all steamed up at the STEAM EXPO!
Hot & Sweaty @ the STEAM EXPO ~ Tangle Grid

The Tangle Grid is famed for the growing number of expos it hosts annually.
The aim of these topical exhibitions being to showcase the creativity, diversity and fantasy that Open Sim has on offer. Bringing together creators from all over the metaverse and welcoming visitors from the entire hypergrid, the collection of retrofuturistic items at this current expo is meant to astound and inspire.

Currently the STEAM expo is powering along, a quirky array of pseudo-Victorian-mechanical creations, builds and fashion to blow your mind.

Beautifully landscaped to enhance the overall sensation of stepping into an alternate universe, the environs can be best appreciated using one of your viewers vintage or sepia sky settings. The City of Steam holds so many delights behind its many doors... good so, as I managed to miss the train on countless occasions! ;D

Be aware though, there is this strange fellow skulking about... you'll recognise him due to his sleazy little moustache, tophat and cane... he tried to chat me up and invite me into this cough evening club. Peeking through the door I heard lots of giggling and spotted copious amounts of red velvet furnishings. Not sure what kind of establishment is may be, but I politely declined his invite and hot-tailed it outta there...
You kinda gotta watch out for those types with moustaches, you know! ;P

Steampunk can be defined as a literary sub genre of science fiction and fantasy that incorporates social, aesthetic and technological aspects of the 19th century (Victoriana) - the steam part - with a dash of anti-establishment and rebellion against parts of it - that's the punk element.
Books, comics, films, roleplay and fashion all gain inspiration from the alternate-history facet of Steampunk.

Running until September 24th, do not waste time floating in with your hot-air balloon, just port in quick smart to the following address: Isle

(Coming soon: The Halloween Expo should be a fright fest, so brace yourself from Oct. 15th - Nov. 17th 2017! 👻)
If you are a creator/designer and would like to participate in the Halloween Expo or any of the planned events in future, drop the charming Leslie Kling, co-owner of Tangle Grid a message inworld!
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We Are Having A Bring-A-Buddy Party: Sunday Aug 20th from 12-2pm PDT at The Welcome Center Coffee Shop. DJ Rusty will be playing them Golden Oldies.

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Enjoying a backyard fire and cuddle at my Dream Island home in +TanGLe Grid , #opensim #metaverse #hypergrid #virtualworlds #tanglegrid

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#tanglegrid 's Birthday Bash! #opensim ~ everyone invited!

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Hey everyone, we just wanted to take a moment to remind you of some great deals we have:
1) Introduction of Dream Islands - Individual 5184 sqm parcels with 1250 prims for only 500 Tangle bucks/month (1.25 US)
2) Get one region with 15,000 Prims for 15.00 US and receive an additional scenic sim with 500 prims. Perfect if you want to add on a sailing region, or forest etc.
3) 2x2 Vars with 4000 prims starting at 4.00 US with additional prims available ( 1US for 1000, 5US for 5000 and 10US for 10,000)

There are so many options available - check here for a full list. Don't see what you need?
Just ask!
#opensim #virtualworlds #tanglegrid

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TanGle Grid is doing a "What You Think ?" Survey. We would like all to take it to help us make TanGLe Grid a GRRRRReat place to call your home. Pass it around, the more the better. Smiles.

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The Next EXPO - You can start setting up now. Remember we are now Gloebit enabled on this region. You can now set out things for people to buy if you want. We hope to see a better turnout then we have been seeing. This EXPO isn't just for us but for all of you.

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TanGLe Tiger Special Is still running for now. You should get in on this great special before it is gone. BUY NOW:
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