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Name: Zoroka
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: Drakius (animal dragon hybird)
Breed: Forest Drakius
Powers: Earthbend, duplicate self, camoflauge, take shape and color of someone else and i have their abilites and voice, and telekinesis

(+Ruiqi Huang)

Blue Storm wanders through Farfight Mountains. She sees Hræsvelgr and waves her tail at him.

(+Maja Rahm)

Lillian walks around aimlessly

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Name: Blue Storm
Age: 64 human years
Gender: Female
Winged Creature: Winged Wolf
Powers/Skills: Turns invisible
Home: Farfight Mountains
Mate: None
Kits/Chicks/Pups: None
Personality: Wise, Kind to all, Fierce when fighting
Bio: It is said that she is a fallen star, and when she dies she will arise into the stars again, and come back down again.

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Name: Lillian
Age: 28
Gender : Female
Winged Creature: Fairy
Powers/Skills: make people under my control, have wild animals under my control has everlasting life.
Home: Yedon Rivers
Mate: No one
Kits/chicks/pups: none
Personality: unpatient, funny, and always looking for love.
Bio: Nahhh
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