I created a small "withumb" python package for packaging some Python tools & utilities for the withumb. Hope the naming is ok ("pythumb" was already taken)? The package so far just has some utility functions to identify the withumb using pyserial.

I don't know what actually are the official unique identifiers for the withumb though? And is it possible to flash the withumb using the Python esptool?

The package is at https://github.com/koodaamo/withumb

I'm trying to get my WiThumb to send keycodes. I've tried the built-in library, but I get an error about not having a HID.h library included. Possibly this is because I've got the board down as "Generic ESP8266".

Has anyone had success with a different library? I was thinking of trying Nico Hood's HID project. 

Can someone help me with some setup on a Withumb? I'm running the sensor test. On Arduino (https://github.com/ThomasCLee/funnyvale/blob/master/WiThumb/Example3_basic_tests/Example3_basic_tests.ino) I'm getting "MPU6050 connection failed".

Looking at the code, this means accelgyro.testConnection() is returning false. Is there a firmware thing you have to do to enable the gyroscope? I might have made a mistake with my MPU6050 library. Would a mistake there manifest like this?

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This is an +Arduino powered all-in-one prototyping platform for makers

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How to build a Raspberry Pi robot that can stream video.
It also has GPS, ultrasonic distance sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer.


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Is this possible

Looking at this paperwork

"SOL 1064nm User's Manual 6 to 40 W (EN) 2014-12.pdf"

Can I wire a 5 volt power supply to the digital pins 1,3,14,15,22 and variable resister POTs on the analog pins 12 and 20?

The digital output pins are for system checks and analog output for monitoring amps

Digital Pins 5,6,7,8,9,10. And Analog out 4

Without a computer at all or is a computer required for digital outputs?

I may need a PC for the rs232 or is that just for remote monitoring and will do not need that if we are running on sit.


Is this possible Looking at this paperwork "SOL 1064nm User's Manual 6 to 40…
Is this possible Looking at this paperwork "SOL 1064nm User's Manual 6 to 40…

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2 weeks left to pre-order WiThumb on KickStarter
(Arduino Compatible WiFi USB Thumb)

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Build a local IoT cloud using Raspberry Pi

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