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#Assange, #Manning Still Only Ones Imprisoned for #CollateralMurder --

April 5 marked the five-year anniversary of the release of the Collateral Murder video by #WikiLeaks. The shocking footage showed the entire world the 2007 US Apache attack helicopter airstrike on Baghdad that killed 12 people - including two Reuters staff members - and injured two small children.

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We are about to find out if this is the part of the movie where the empire rips off the mask of freedom and democracy and reveals its true tyranny.

#Assange is a soft target, a controversial figure who has been on the receiving end of wildly successful smear campaigns marketed to every major political faction across the western world.

He is the logical place to begin a crackdown on press freedoms and make a public example of what happens to those who shine the light of truth upon Big Brother.

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Italian journalist #StefaniaMaurizi has worked with #WikiLeaks for nine years on the Podesta emails and other revelations. Here’s an insider’s view of the publisher that has incensed rulers around the world, desperate to hide their corruption.
No one can say how it will end for #Assange and his team: if they end up in jail in the United States, it will be the first time that an editor and a media organization are imprisoned in the U.S. for their work, at least not since John Peter Zenger in Colonial America.

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Election hacking orders revealed: steal the election plans of the two main parties, target the top five candidates, use four other countries to help spies infiltrate:


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Americans are largely blind to the war and financial crimes perpetuated in their name. Part of this is the result of indoctrination through propaganda media, but to a large degree Americans are incurious and unbothered by the criminality of their leaders and institutions.

Most don’t care Julian #Assange is a dead man walking.

They are unable to see the criminal state for what it is - a global Mafia operation that shakes down entire continents and wages wars of conquest and pillage for profit.

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The manipulators and smear merchants who have made their careers paving the way for oligarchic agendas have been successful in killing off sympathy for the plight of #Assange.

... sympathy is key for getting narratives to take hold in public consciousness.

This is why western corporate media will circulate pictures of dead children all day long when it’s in the interests of advancing longstanding imperialist agendas, but never when those children were killed by western weapons.

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Trump’s case of narcissism is particularly severe because he also is out of touch with reality whenever he becomes upset. He is able to give up reality in exchange for his wished-for belief
Trump has a fluid sense of reality, which is a sign of a very criminal individual.
The best diagnosis for Trump is that he is a malignant narcissist. It contains the narcissistic part, which is no big deal alone -- lots of people are narcissistic -- but the malignant part is the sociopathy dimension. It is expressed in his inability to empathize with others and his lack of genuine loyalty to anyone. You will notice that Trump wants everyone to be loyal to him, but he is loyal to nobody.
Why is he paranoid? because . . . he needs to defend himself, his self-esteem, by saying that other people are bad. “You are the bad guy, not me. You are the one attacking me, I have no wish to attack.” He is extremely paranoid, and he does not really know what the truth is, at least at those moments. All these descriptive labels are true. If you put them all together, you have got a picture of Donald Trump.
The more desperate Trump becomes, the more he needs to have a crisis so the country will rally around him.
delusion. We have not used that word much with Donald Trump because that does get confused with people who think that they are Napoleon.
He is able to give up reality in exchange for his wished-for belief. Trump has a fluid sense of reality.

These are the sociopaths who end up as chronic criminals. But if they have the gift of gathering people around them like a cult leader and demagogue, then they rise to the top

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Ecuador's president Moreno: Julian #Assange will remain isolated indefinitely as he has "surpassed the limits of freedom of expression" (that Moreno invented) and Ecuador will "prevent him speaking about politics... That’s why we cut his communication".


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As President Donald Trump continues to wage war on journalism with “violent anti-press rhetoric,” the Committee to Protect Journalists #CPJ published a scathing analysis on Tuesday arguing that the Democratic National Committee’s recent lawsuit against #WikiLeaks could set the stage for even more alarming attacks on press freedom by empowering the U.S. government to penalize media outlets that publish leaked information.

Citing the concerns expressed by numerous First Amendment experts and journalists, CPJ’s Avi Asher-Schapiro contends that the #DNC’s suit—which accuses WikiLeaks of conspiring with Russia and the Trump campaign to tilt the 2016 election by publishing a trove of hacked DNC emails—”goes against press freedom precedents going back to the Pentagon Papers and contains arguments that could make it more difficult for reporters to do their jobs.”

“What the language in this suit is calling ‘conspiracy’ is the same thing journalists do all the time—report on leaked or stolen documents. Imagine if Trump had the power to go after ‘leakers’ for ‘conspiracy,'” Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi wrote in a series of tweets highlighting CPJ’s “blistering” report on Tuesday. “This case has potentially enormous consequences for the press as a whole.”
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