who  know  what  is cocoly?

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Mr. Cheema, A very happy and enthusiastic Nuclear Manager of Kibos Sugar Co, poses next to a successful farm to be. He anticipates very low management and high yields in tones way above the previous crop. He narrates “this is exceptional for the first time in my farm after applying the recommended lime and Gypsum, the previous crop started with alternate growth with spots of yellow colouration but this one is very uniform and looks very healthy and strong in germination” Crop Nutrition are doing a great work to us.

“Probably more harm has been done to the science by the almost universal attempts to look upon the soil merely as a producer of crops rather than as a natural body worth in and for itself of all the study that can be devoted to it, than most men realize.” --- C. F. Marbut, 1920

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Growing Soils- Growing Life

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Precision farming or satellite farming is a farming management concept based on observing and responding to in-field variations. Today,precision agriculture is about whole farm management with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving valuable resources. It relies on new technologies like crop imagery, information technology, and geospatial tools and it is aided by farmers’ ability to locate their precise position in a field using satellite positioning system (GPS).

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