This post is getting a lot of attention. I guess people can relate. Even when you know the positives in life and live through the law of attraction, life still has ups and downs...

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You will love this weeks motivational video -

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I'm chuffed to say I'm off travel vlogging once more. Head on over and come have a look at my videos in Majorca

The time has come to go public...

After asking the question on my Facebook group A Lusher Life, I have listened to the responses with anxious happiness and decided that I need to stand proud of the fact that I am in fact a BLOGGER!
As well as all this, I am forever creating movies to share with the world on my Youtube Channels, both personal VLOGGING and my nutrition channel.


And why didn't I share this sooner?

Let's answer the last question first. I didn't share it for fear of unfriendly judgement. Yet I should know better at my age, with my life experience, as friends tell me to ignore those.
"You'll never please all of the people all of the time."
True. If those people all knew my reason why, surely they would be kinder. I'll tell you my Why in a sec.

Why have I chosen to share so much so publicly? Great question. It began back in 2009 with me hearing about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, Abraham Hicks and postivity. To me, this was all new news.
"Why doesn't everyone know life is meant to be amazing?" I asked myself.
Turns out, lots of people Do know this stuff. Yet, I still continue to remind others as I continue my learning around the subject too.

Bring this all forward to the here and now, today.

You may know, you may not, there is a list of health issues I often find a struggle.

read more here...

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👉 👈 Feeling a bit lost, waiting for a sign, or just need that extra boost? We've got an affirmation game set up just for you. Get a unique, new affirmation generated just for you every 24 hours.

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This video will chill you out! Lots of shots of the Caribbean beach in Jamaica. I'm proud of this video :)
See what we got up to on the day of our wedding before we got ready!

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Food allergy testing! It's improved my health so much knowing what's not working well within my body.

Who wants to feel better?

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What do you think you need to help you feel better?

This was the best hotel ever!

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The first of our travel blogs - Jamaica is honestly amazing! Im loving filming this trip. Here is the video where we set off
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