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Hi there,

Can I know how can we add in a template with a letterhead format into textexpander?

I would like to use a template with letterhead options when I send a quotation or proposal documents to my customer.

When I use a snippet in an email, TE puts the subject line in the email properly but when the content expands in the body of the em it is too far down and I have to manually delete the carriage returns to move the content up. Any suggestions?

Is there a way to auto start textexpander for Windows 10?

Is it possible to send multiple snippet (Multi line breaks) with single snippet?

Abbrevation: hellohru

It should be like
Expansion1: Hello
Expansion 2: How are you?

& Not like
Hello \nhow are you?

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Issues with Expansion.
I have several expansion snippets that issue for the subject line of an email and then tab into the body of the email. The snippets also have fill-ins. They have recently begun putting all of the content in both the subject line and the body text. If I do not complete the fill in portion they seem to work fine. The snippet and some screen shots are below:
Evaluation of %filltext:name=Name% %key:tab%
I completed my evaluation of %filltext:name=field 1%. Krista will send over the note. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to schedule a call.

%fillpart:name=Referrals:default=yes%We have also faxed over any referrals and testing that I feel needs to be done at this time. The patient was given a copy of this as well. %fillpartend% Please send the office copies of any medical records that you have so that I can review them.

It also seems that your support system continues to think I am some evil spammer as I do not get any emails after trying to submit off the webpage
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Is it possible to have a snippet, whereby part of it is a variable, that changes based on the time of the day, or day or the week?

Ie. I sign off my emails as per below:


Monday to Friday, mornings until 11am: Have a great day!

Monday to Friday, mornings 11am to 12pm : Have a great rest of your day!

Monday to Friday, 12pm to 4pm : Have a nice afternoon!

Monday to Thursday, 4pm to 7pm : Have a nice evening!

Friday, morning until 11am: Have a great day and weekend!

Friday , morning 11am to 12pm Have a great rest of your day and weekend!

Friday, 12pm to 4pm : Have a nice afternoon and weekend!

Friday, 4pm to 12am : Have a great weekend!

Saturday morning to Sunday 5pm: Have a great rest of your weekend!


The text expander snippet is "zzh"

Is there a way I can code the snippet, so that I only have to enter "zzh", and it will output different text strings based on the above dates and times?

Kind regards,


P.S. What is the difference between a snippet and common phrase?

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From our blog: You know you can set up a snippet for a long block of text. Set up snippets for a single word and build your own autocorrect library!

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It can be hard to remember all those abbreviations for your snippets. Use inline search to track down those snippets and you don't even have to leave the app you're using in order to do it. Our blog breaks it down for you, both Mac and Windows users.

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Note: If you're also a fan of our PDF editor, we have released version 3 of PDFpen for iOS today! Use the new Files management in iOS 11 and drag and drop to do even more with your PDFs! (We now return to regular TextExpander coverage.)
New PDFpen 3 For iOS 11
New PDFpen 3 For iOS 11
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