Love is like a drug
No replacement for this
No replacement for you too
Youre Rendering my soul
Remember me .....
Im on a way to have you......
But i didn't know your place
Yet you know my everything......
Come to me ......

Used to cry and laugh
Like idiot and stupid
With you in my mind
I know you're within country
Yet apart from me
You know my place
But didn't know yours

Come back to me , boy
Please, please, please,please,please...........

I Love you
And i want you

Come to me
I can't wait no
I'm grumbling in lust
Turn that to love
With the touch of your hands

Days aren't days !
Nights aren't nights !
As the distance between us.
Make a move to me
Lets ! , let distance go by.........
I need you ! Boy !........

Same time is about to come
Same climate
Same feelings are ruining me
I can't hide out
I'm on a wait for you
Won't you come to me
Won't you give the same feeling
In the same climate
In the same place
Boy ....

Do I need to laugh ?
Do I need to cry ?
I walking dead

Don't know you'll know me or not
Butwilling to get you by my side

Sun used to raise and set
But you set my heart on fire
Dawn and dusk is irritating
I want to see you
In dawn and dusk
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