What Is Spartans II Installation

A- When Humans Were Forced To Move Out of Earth In Search of Natural Resources in 2116, They Encountered Enemies Know As Covenant And Flood . Humans Were very Weak Against Them So Spartan II Installation By Dr.Halsey Came into Existence, She Abucted Kids and Genetically Modified Them Know as " Augmentation" Which Only Sadly 12 Survived Out Of 76 Children, These Surviving Spartans Were Better And Agile Than Normal Humans , But Due To Loss Of 62 Children Spartan II had To Be Stopped , Off course John 117 was the best In Them.

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Who Is Master Chief And Why Is He Very Important

A - John 117 Also Know As Sierra 117 is a One Of The Surviving Spartans From Spartan II Installation By Dr.Halsey Catherine.

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