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We need new mods since our current ones (including me) haven't been very active. So, who would like to be a mod?

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( Themes: Friendship. Companionship. Love. Relationships. Mental Health. Depression. )

It was a crisp fall afternoon in the beginning of October. You are bundled up in a warm jacket in the outdoor area of the facility that I temporarily live in. You're sitting on a park bench.

I emerge from the building wearing a dark sweatshirt and sweatpants. My name is Artemis Rider. I go by Temis, Temi, Tem, Art, Artie, Arte, Arty, Artey, or Arti. I have long, wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes. I'm 102 lbs and 5'2". I am 17 years old.

I walk toward you. My hands in my pockets. Then I stop in a little in front of you and say to you Why are you here? What do you want from me?

(Gender doesn't matter. Include character name, description, age, relation to Artemis when you first reply.)

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Name: Kimiko
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Likes: Reading books, singing, music and swimming
Dislikes: people disturbing her
Personality: stubborn, kind, neat, curious
Bio: Both Parents abandoned her immediately after she was born. Is still in the orphanage.
Looking for: An Older Sibling and if possible a mother and father

Personality:flirty,loving,funny,really wants a bf
Bio:hi my name is Jackson if you want to date tell me

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1 week old
//Kitsune (which means half fox, half human)\\

Looking for: (optional: sibling to play with), mother and probably father, too.

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Name: Rose
Age: 2 (Just turned 2 yesterday)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personality : Sweet, loving, innocent, caring, silly, adorable
Likes: Sippy cups, binkies, strollers, baths, attention, exploring, singing/dancing
Dislikes: Bugs, scary things, being alone, the dark, unloved
Bio: Nothing more than an innocent and silly toddler who loves exploring, singing, and dancing. And needs a family to love her :3
Any loving family want a precious, innocent little 2 yr old toddler? :3 Also, since I'm only 2 I will talk like a baby sometimes. If you want to be in the family comment what character you want to be (ex: mother, father, older sibling, aunt/uncle, cousins, etc). You must be able to roleplay on hangouts please so we can do a group rp with the family.
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Name: Rio Hanami
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Likes: stuffed animals, sweets, friends, people, basketball,
Dislikes: Nothing as of now...
Personality: Sweet, innocent
Bio: Rio doesn't remember much about her past life which is a good thing so she stays happy. When she was born her mother had a hard time giving birth to her so she wasn't able to continue on to hold Rio in her arms. Rio's father was very close with her mother and he was unsure what he could do without her. He blamed his frustration on Rio as "without Rio her mother would still be alive" he always told himself. She was sent to the adoption center where she would meet a new family and be a normal little girl. Rio enjoys things like stuffed animals and basketball. She's not outgoing but not shy. She trusts everyone and she thinks that everyone wants to be her friend. She doesn't remember much of her past, so she thinks she's always been with the nice people at the adoption center.
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Name: Toby
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Funny, Curious, Kind,
What are you looking for in a spouse?: A friendly, Kind person..
Bio: Toby grew up with his 18 brothers and sisters, his parents ignored him and focused on the others. Toby ran away because he wasn't getting any attention! The police held many searches but never found him, in 2000, on his birthday, he hopped on a ferry to Australia. People called the police but Toby would just hide!!

Brynn sits next to her brother, Kaye. She hugs him and Kaye hugs her back. "When are we gunna be adopted?" Brynn whines. Kaye sighs, "never Brynn.. Never..". A person walks to their room and stares at the two, the person takes a lollipop and gives it to Brynn. "Uh thanks.." Brynn starts to worry a bit, Kaye takes the lollipop and licks it. "Yummy!" Kaye giggles..

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Name: Brynn
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Likes: Her brother, Candy, Dogs, Hugs and Kisses, Pink
Dislikes: Being alone, Nighttime, Dolls, Scary Stuff and Clowns
Personality: Timid, Very Confident
Bio: She was put into adoption with her brother as her Mother and Father went into jail for murderer. From then, Brynn and her brother have developed a very special bond.

Name: Kaye
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Likes: His Sister, Cookies, Comforting His Sister, Swimming, Slides
Dislikes: People being mean to Brynn, Small things, School
Personality: Friendly, Protective, Quite Confident
Bio: (exactly the same as Brynns)
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