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NEW RELEASE - cryptoGlance v2.0 has hit the interwebs! There's plenty of new features and bug fixes since v1.x. Here's a quick changelog:

v2.0.2 Hotfix:
Windows standalone app users are strongly recommended to update to v2.0.2 available on SourceForge )

This hotfix disables (directory) browsing of .json and .htaccess files (the embedded Mongoose server in cG would not respect .htaccess -- only the Windows standalone version was affected)

v2.0 Changes:

Recently Added Features:

- Total Hashrates are now categorized by Rig Algorithms used
- Enable/Disable Total Hashrate via Tools dropdown
- New ability to edit Rigs and Pools
- Re-amped Rig summary and device details (percentages, etc)
- New Rig Details
- Cleaner interface
- Ability to drag+drop pool priority for a rig
- Auto-Restart on BITMAIN ASIC failure (chain contains "x" instead of "0")
- Rig devices have two more types of details showing:
- -- BITMAIN ASIC fan speed (fan 1, fan 2, fan 3, etc)
- -- BITMAIN ASIC temperatures (temperature 1, temperature 2, temperature 3, etc)
- Rigs have a new option for Algorithm
- Rigs Algorithm is auto-set when using sgMiner v5+
- Ability to reset rig stats
- Ability to reset rig stats on pool change
- New FIAT conversions for most coins (Thanks to FunkyC:
- New debug command to see raw miner data: CTRL + D

Recently Added Pools:

- [+POOL] Bitcoin Affiliate Network (
- [+POOL] CkPool
- [+POOL] Eligius
- [+POOL] MagicPool
- [+POOL] Multipool.Us

Recently Added Coins:

- [+COIN] NeosCoin
- [+COIN] ReddCoin
- [+COIN] PayCoin

Be sure to add us to your circles on Google+, and subscribe to our subreddit @ /r/cryptoglance. You can also participate in the discussion over on our BCT thread @ -- You can also find new screenies on our homepage @

Thanks for your support and patience everyone, and continue to let us know of your experience with this tool we've put so much into!

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We're pleased to announce our first major update release to cryptoGlance! v1.1.0 is out, and has quite a few fixes and improvements. One of the biggest being auto-update functionality for #cryptoGlance itself. We wanted to ensure this was in early on, as we hope to continue to add more and more features, so this will make it easy on everyone when updates are in fact available.

See the full changelog below, as well as in the new file within the distribution. We hope you enjoy our efforts, and if we may be so bold, please help spread the word as it helps immensely!


* New Auto-Updater functionality! Keep on top of the latest features and fixes that we add.
* New "Release", "Beta", "Nightly" options for the cG version stability you choose
* Configurable Hardware Error warnings
* Added more update time interval options
* For first-time/fresh-install users, more alerts appear to help with setup
* [+POOL] Eclipse MC (
* [+POOL] SimpleCoin 
* [+COIN] ContinuumCoin (CTM) (

* Hardware Errors preference/value not set on first load
* Fixed hashrate inconsistency with API
* Resolved user_data folder not being found in certain cases
* Improved session performance
* Decimal place rounding for cgminer accepted/rejected
* Active navbar link display states
* Github repo URL in Update Available alert was incorrect - #cryptocurrency   #mining

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We're super-stoked to finally introduce cryptoGlance to the mining community!

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Widescreen desktop screenies of the dual-display options from a recent version:
cryptoGlance Desktop Screenies
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Release Candidate screenies from the Phone UI (Galaxy Note 3) of the latest cryptoGlance Android app!
cryptoGlance Phone Screenies
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New set of screenies from the Tablet UI (Nexus 7) of the latest cryptoGlance Android app release candidate!
cryptoGlance Tablet Screenies
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