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Hi, new person and I LOVE Warriors so here is my cat (She's only a kitten tho).

Name: Shadekit
Age: 4 moons old
Rank: Kit
Clan: FernClan
Bio: Shadekit is a playful, black kitten with bits of drak grey on her fluffy fur. She has bright blue eyes and is very curious. Has no siblings. Her father is their leader, Blackstar. She wishes to become leader some day.

Thanks for reading my character profile!

I know this place has been dead for a long time because I been doing a lot of other thing instead of here 

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Name: Shimmer
Level: 42
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Eevee (shiny)
Moves: Quick Attack, Covet, Charm, Helping Hand
Likes: Purple, Playmates, Adventures, PokePuffs, Art, Normal- Flying- and Dragon-type Pokemon,
Dislikes: Bullies, Pink, Sleeping, Bug and Ghost type Pokemon,
Appearance: Shiny Eevee with a bite mark in its right ear. Torn-up metallic blue bow in its tail.
Bio: When a shiny Eevee was young, a trainer named Kailey caught it and nicknamed it Shimmer. But Kailey had a Poochyena named Slick, who got very jealous when Kailey kept playing with Shimmer instead. So, one day, Slick had enough. It bit part of Shimmer's ear off and she ran away, afraid that Slick would do something worse. Ever since then, she has lived in the wild but still feels the pain in it's ear as a bad memory. It hopes that one day it will reunite with Kailey again.
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Hey guys, so I just wanted to ask if we could get some questions going! My deviantart account for questions has been on hiatus lately. So on't be afraid, ask me! :D

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Endercat: A magical black cat with Ender dragon wings, an amulet with the gem being a eye of Ender, glowing idigo-purple eyes, and a grey mane that covers up a lot of his face. His personality is patient, wise, loyal, and forgivable. Although he can have a really bad temper (like the creator of him cough cough) Endercat is usually an understandable and loving friend. He's good at it just cause oh i don't know.... he's 6,402 years old...... 

He also perfers to be called Endy over Endercat, but surprise surprise! His real name is: Endorio Dragonisca Exraptorxila 2nd. What a mouthful.....

Endy is a orphan due to his age and demi-immortality, the only family member he has is his sister Lavista. (Lavy)

Lavista: A minty-blue pelted wolf with glossy long gold hair, grey- medium blue tipped wings, violet eyes, and a hot-pink collar with pieces of an Aechor plant (which is only found in the aether). Her personality is funny, caring, social, optimistic, and energetic. But she can't take a lot of negativity,  if she's exposed around negative feedback Lavista will go in a bi-polar depression mode. But most of the time she wouldn't be in such mood. 

Lavista is also a very athletic wolf, attempting her new flight moves and running distance/time records. Over all loves sports. With a cute nickname only her brother is allowed to call her; Lavy.

Otter: An abnormally large brown otter with ember eyes, a guardian eye in the middle of a prismarine stone, which the stone is carved in a emerald shape. His personality is calm, observing, clumsy, and passionate. Even though Otter loves his friends he still wants to go back home. He misses his family, old friends, and mate dearly, his heart aching badly any time a flashback is triggered. 

Otter is extremely attracted to the wilderness, feeling right at home in large bodies of water. So don't be surprised if he hangs out super late after a pool party. Otter is also called Fangle for his razor-like fangs. But it annoys the heck out of him as he says it's a "pet name."

Jack: A giant panda with sky-blue eyes, a baseball cap with a bear paw made out of magma cream and a neather star is the center on the backside of the cap. His personality is outgoing, humorous, cheerful, common sensed (most of the time), and a master prankster. Jack can be a bit.... well just plain awkward at times. But he doesn't mind doing dares much, even if it's a bit too extreme.

Jack hangs out in his bamboo forest, able to farm bamboo and sell it for a good amount of currency. Much of the nation enjoys buying his bamboo to use in the manufacture bamboo furniture so he occasionally has to travel a long distance, and his friends don't mind helping him out.


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Good Morning
Animated Photo

thank you all for the 100 members

Name: Jay (Stallion)

Age: I can't count it... But I'm just as old as Luna.

Appearance: Orange coat with deep red mane. Alicorn with green horn hue abnormally large wings, he can barely walk. His cutie mark is a grimmer Cerberus.

Bounty: 80 thou bits ((Due to the rarity of a male alicorn))

Bio: Once a royal, now a rouge. Him, His wife (a earth pony, who has alicorn blood, Heart cutie mark) he travels to slay a demon named hades, he has 3 children living. The rest died to hades.

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For those crazy warriors fans, I introduce you to the cool new generation of warriors:
Which clan will you choose?
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